Kings Valet Has Partnered with Undercoating Near Me to offer Rustproofing Solutions

Kings Valet has Partnered with Undercoating Near Me to offer AFFORDABLE Rustproofing to all of Michiana! 

Why Undercoating Near Me for your Rustproofing?

Undercoating Near Me installs Corrosion Free; Canada’s #1 Rustproofing Option! Corrosion Free is: Drip-Free, Odor-Free, Enviormentally Friendly (Non Toxic) and most importantly…

Stop the winter from degrading your ride! Rust repairs cost $1,000’s of dollars or worse; they can total your vehicle. Undercoating Near Me has packages starting at only $199 that last up to 3 years! Want the best news?

Kings Valet offers an EXCLUSIVE discount for booking with Undercoating Near Me. $50 off ANY Package! Yes That’s over $25% just for booking through your local trusted expert in Ceramic Coatings!

A MULTI-YEAR Undercoating for only $149!!!

Benefits of a Rustproofing from Undercoating Near Me

Rustproofing Near Me Elkhart, IN - Undercoating Near Me

Transparent and Drip-FREE

No messy black plastic or rubber to stare at for years to come. Corrosion Free is a transparent rustproofing solution. Best Part? NO mess in your garage after installation! Corrosion Free is DRIP FREE!

Rustproofing Near Me Granger, IN - Undercoating Near Me


Stop Spending over $1,000 for “protection” that actually just traps moisture. Yes those expensive rubber coatings TRAP moisutre against the metal every time the seasons change.

Rustproofing Near Me South Bend, IN - Undercoating Near Me

Creeps and Seeps

Oil Based Coatings like Corrosion Free get in all the little nooks and crannies. Have some rub off because you ran over something? No worries the coating will relevel itself and fill in the gap!

Corrosion-Free offers a LIFETIME Warranty!

Have a Vehicle within the past 3 model years? Corrosion Free will protect it for life! More Details Here: 

The Best Undercoating and Rustproofing in Mishawaka

Undercoating Near Me Provides a Premium Rustproofing Experience to all of the Michiana Area. Undercoating Near Me is based in Mishawaka and offers rustproofing and undercoating to Granger, Elkhart, South Bend, Notre Dame, Niles and More! Packages Starting at only $149 with your exclusive Kings Valet Discount pricing makes this a no brainer!

Undercoating Near Me’s Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Rustproofing Do You Use?

Undercoating Near Me installs Corrosion Free – Canada’s #1 Rustproofing Option. Corrosion Free is an Oil Based Coating.

When Should I Rustproof My New Car or Truck?

The day you buy it. The two main reasons: 

  1. If Newer than 3 Model Years Corrosion Free will warranty your car for LIFE
  2. Winters wreak havoc on your under carriage. Once rust starts, all you can do is slow it down – never reverse it. 

Even if you buy in summer, you will get 2+ winters out of your undercoating and rust proofing.

How Long Does Undercoating Installation Take?

Less than hour! Most customer elect to hang out and have a cup of coffee.

What if I Already Have Rust?

Corrosion Free Can Be Appled Directly on the rust! No prep needed (we will knock the loose bits off extensive rust). Because it is an oil based coating we offer, the rust will “soak up” the coating and it will dramtically slow the spread. Undercoating Near Me is very transparent that it is NOT possible to reverse rust, just bring it to a near halt.

Does Undercoating Near Me Offer Any Discounts?

While Undercoating Near Me Does offer multiple discounts, none are eligble with the Kings Valet Promotional Price. Kings Valet is the only partner in the Michiana Area with persmission to discount upto 25% of retail pricing for Undercoating Near Me.

Does Undercoating Near Me Protect - RVs? Buses? Semis

Yes They Do! You will need to reach out for a custom quote by emailing them at