The Original: What Paint Protection is Right For Me Quiz | A 5 Question (Multi-Choice) Quiz with NO Personal Information Required!

I am SO excited to be launching this quiz! You can skip the rambling introduction / explanation and jump straight to the 5 question quiz by clicking here: The Original: What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz

The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz: Introduction

First, for those who haven’t been on our Ceramic Coating Blog before; my name is George. I handle (and love) all the “forward facing” activities for the Kings Valet. The website, the marketing, writing quotes and hand shaking.

Therefore; I have countless conversations every week where I tell someone that Professional Grade Ceramic Coating is NOT going to be a good fit for them. They are always shocked – but I refuse to “sell” to them just to make a buck. Every decision at Kings Valet is rooted in our mission statement “Instilling Confidence – One Coating at a Time”. Purchasing a product that does not meet your expectations – not very “confidence instilling” right? So, why would Professional-Grade Ceramic Coating not be right for someone? This can happen for an abundance of reasons; but the common two are their budget and how they plan to maintain the vehicle. 

How to Automate the Conversation Around Paint Protection – With NO Ulterior Motive

I had this thought… What if I could automate this conversation? Not to take the human connection out of it, but to make it extremely easy on potential clients. They could get an answer at 3:27 am without countless hours of research and winding up confused and frustrated or waiting on a reply from a shop. Then I thought even bigger – what if we could change the entire industry with The Original: What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz Make it available for FREE nationwide to ANY detailer that wanted to offer it to their clients. No promotion / selling, no phishing for personal information and NO COST. Just an educational tool to help YOU land on the right level of protection for YOU. 

The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz by Kings Valet. Your Local Ceramic Coating Expert.

How The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz Works

The Original: What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz is incredibly simple as it is all multiple choice. No calculus, no hours of research and you don’t even have to tell us the make, model and year. It’s truly unique. In less than two minutes you will be able to answer these essential questions (all multiple choice):

  1. How Long Are You Keeping the Vehicle?
  2. What Are Your Expectations for Protection?
  3. What is Your Budget?
  4. How Do You Plan to Maintain Your Vehicle?
  5. Are You Looking for a Professional or DIY Solution

Yes, a Shop that only sells Professional-Grade Ceramic Coatings wrote this for those who are considering a DIY solution! We are NOT here to sell today – just educate.

In total there are over 15,000 potential combinations to “the quiz”. All of these combinations boil down to 4 Potential Paint Protection Solutions:

  1.  Wax / Sealant (Professional or DIY Installed)
  2. Paint Protection Film
  3. Professional Grade Ceramic Coating
  4. DIY Ceramic Coating
The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz by Kings Valet - 5 Questions and NO Personal Information!

How The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz Ends

At the completion of the quiz you will see a one sentence explanation of your results. Once you have seen your results; the next “slide” will automatically redirect you to a blog post. This blog post will explain how The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz arrived at your ideal protection. The post will be rooted in YOUR answers – not a general “Wax is great because…”.

You are probably thinking this quiz will go to “Professional-Grade Ceramic Coating” coating constantly. I get it; Kings Valet exclusively installs Ceramic Coating and this quiz is probably just a cheap sales tool. Wrong! In fact – Kings Valet is extremely picky about who we work with. This “pickiness” allows Kings Valet to maintain a near flawless experience every time. Speaking to the numbers: Only about 15% of the “logic branches” end on Professional Grade Ceramic Coating. I expect real world results to reflect this very closely, maybe even a bit lower. (I will post an update after the first 1,000 quiz completions.)

Keeping the Integrity of The Quiz – NEVER a Sales Pitch at the Solutions Page

In keeping with our promise to NOT make this a cheap sales tool: “Suggested Solution” blog posts will have NO suggestion of specific brands to use or professionals to seek out. The integrity of “the quiz” cannot be bought.

Watch out for the cheap “sales tool” copies in the near future. The Original: What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz was revolutionary for the industry and WILL have copies made in no time. Odds are that these copies will have embedded links for products on their solutions page – HUGE red flag! As soon as this is the case – the quiz has lost its integrity. RARELY are these “professional suggestions” made without some form of commission or compensation. 

Final Note: Please let us know what you think of the quiz at its completion. There will be an submission box (anonymously) at the bottom of the Paint Protection Solution Posts. No name, no phone number or any other personal info. Just comments box. 

The Original What Paint Protection is Right for Me Quiz was created by George Hunt with Kings Valet.