The CheckmaTE

A Ceramic Coating Program for those who demand the best. 

The Best Ceramic Coating in Indiana. Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet.
The Best Ceramic Coating in Indiana. Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet.
The Best Ceramic Coating in Indiana. Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet.

Checkmate Lifetime Ceramic Coating:

Full Exterior Detail

Proper Prep is Everything. Kings Valet starts their Checkmate Package with a thorough Decontamination Wash and Exterior Detail. Highlights of this 26-point process include: clay bar, iron-decontamination, three total washes and more.


Paint Correction

Your paint will be in impeccable condition. This correction removes sanding marks, holograms, light scratching, swirl marks and more! (Yes even new cars typically need AT LEAST a single step of paint correction). 

Full Exterior Lifetime Ceramic Coating

(Paint, Glass, Plastics, Rim Faces and More!)

Full Interior Lifetime Ceramic Coating

(Leather, Plastic, Carpet And More!)

Complete Rustproofing Package 

(A Drip-free, transparent and eco-friendly undercoating / rustproofing will be installed by Undercoating Near Me LLC. 18+ month of warrantied rust protection - with unlimited renewals!)

This Entire Package is Backed by the Kings Valet Lifetime Promise

Checkmate Decade of Maintenance:

Quarterly Full Interior + Exterior Details

(A 52 point complete detail is performed 4 times a year)

Emergency Detailing Appointments

(Have a spill? Drive over some fresh sprayed road paint? Up to two annual emergency details can be scheduled within 72 hours.)

All Annual Coating Inspections Included

(Ceramic Coatings require an annual inspection. This appointment will occur during one of your quarterly details. A Ceramic Topper will also be applied.)

Polish Applied Annually

(This Polish will provide better than day one shine for the life of this vehicle. This polish removes any small hiccups from throughout the prior year)


Rustproofing Warranty Maintained 

(Kings Valet will covers all costs and schedules required appointments to maintain your rustproofing renewable warranty. These appointments will occur during one of your quarterly details.)

Every Appointment Includes Complimentary Pick-up and Delivery!

Starting at $25,000 - Limited to 3 New Clients Per Year.

Please Call Kings Valet to Get a Quote - 574.347.4445.

Is $25,000 more than you were looking to spend protecting your new car or truck?