I get it… and I am just as guilty. When I am searching for services on Google I tend to throw a “near me” at the end of whatever I am seeking. Closest in a luxury service RARELY equals best. Below is why “ceramic coating near me” needs to go! 

Why You Should Stop Using the Search Term “Near Me”

It can be tempting – even automatic to base your start (and possibly even end) your search on whomever is closest. Many of us are guilty of the “Near Me” trap. Does this work for a haircut, a cheese burger or a certain brand of clothing? Sure. For a luxury service like Ceramic Coating – searching near me can be risky. The same as I never search for “Steak Near Me” or “New Car Near Me”. Expensive purchases should not be reliant on the closest. Closest rarely equals best unless by pure luck. As an example, there are over 40 detail shops within a 20 mile radius of Kings Valet. Is the closest really the direction you want to lean; given the many options you have to find quality? I am not one to present a problem without presenting a solution; so below are some more relevant search terms.

Different Suggested Search Terms

There are MANY search terms I would recommend over the “Ceramic Coating Near Me” trap. These would include:

  • Best Ceramic Coating Company
  • Highest Rated Ceramic Coating
  • Highest Quality Ceramic Coating
  • Benefits of Ceramic Coating
  • Cost of Ceramic Coating
  • How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last
  • Ceramic Coating Price

 A Couple to avoid:

  • Che*p C*ramic C*ating
  • Budg*t C*ramic C*ating
  • L*w-C*st C*ramic C*ating
Best Ceramic Coating Near Me Kings Valet

Why Those Search Terms Over “Ceramic Coating Near Me”

How Google ranks websites is based on their coverage of related phrases; like all seven of the search terms above. If a website thoroughly covers a topic and readers tend to find it interesting; Google will reward the company with higher placement in search results. Google deems you are reputable and can help them further their cause of providing you relevant information. Why does covering things like “Cost of Ceramic Coating” make a company reputable? 

Again, Google wants to provide you (“the searcher”) with relevant results. That’s how Google grew to the largest Search Engine in the world. The reputable portion comes from the willingness to cover these subjects. A dedication of time is required on the company’s behalf, but that isn’t why the higher rank. The reasoning is the LACK  of coverage provided by other companies. This is more importantly it is searched so often because MOST companies are NOT transparent with things like cost. They want to fish for your information by making you request a quote with no starting at prices or frame of reference.

Google is rewarded when you find what you are looking for which is why these transparent brands float to the top of the barrel. As mentioned earlier the Google algorithm will already INCLUDE near you in its mission to provide relevant results. If you search the cost of ceramic coating – the most relevant result would be from a shop in the nearest major city; NOT what it costs in Bangladesh. 

You may be wondering, what is with all the ‘*’s in the bad search terms? I don’t want Google ‘crawling’ this page and ranking us for those terms. Kings Valet does not provide a che*p service; nor are we a good fit for those who are looking for “che*p”

Ceramic Coating Cost Near Me Kings Valet

Kings Valet and “Ceramic Coating Near Me”

Yes, odds are that if you search “Ceramic Coating Near Me” and live in Granger, Elkhart or Notre Dame – Kings Valet probably will come up ranked very high. While this is great; its not what we are after. We have a cliche in-house: education over bottom-line.  This is evident in our web-design, our marketing, our sales conversations and more. The biggest reason I refuse to outsource any of these tasks? It allows me to ensure education remains the top priority. We rank higher on Google because of our willingness to provide TRANSPARENT pricing, after care and more information that others have not taken the time to craft.

So What Does Kings Valet Offer?

An Experience worth a drive! Our vehicle to deliver said amazing experience is Ceramic Coatings. That’s it. We have a huge belief at Kings Valet that mastery of a single trade is a much better option than being a jack of all trades. We offer a Lifetime Ceramic Coating and a 5 Year Ceramic Coating. Our singular focus allows us to maintain an average lead time of less than two weeks. Yes, we do offer Paint Correction IF you are having a Ceramic Coating installed. 

Once have had a Lifetime Ceramic Coating Installed by Kings Valet: you welcomed with open arms to our FREE Maintenance for Life Program. We have been asked to maintain Ceramic Coatings installed by other companies / dealerships. This is NOT a service we will offer. Our Ceramic Coating Maintenance programs are limited to those who have had an installation done by Kings Valet. Why? Much of the integrity of a Ceramic Coating is in the preperation. Without knowing the steps taken and level of detail put into the prior installation; we cannot guarantee life-spans or quality of the product. 

Remove Your Old Ceramic Coating for the Best in Michiana.</p>
<p>High Quality Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet

Are you curious about the cost of ceramic coating?

Both Inclusions and cost for ceramic coating is covered transparently on the service’s corresponding page. To provide a short answer here: Ceramic Coatings from Kings Valet include a full exterior detail, buffer applied polish, paint decontamination bath and application of selected ceramic coating to the paint. Pricing starts at $899 for the 5 year ceramic coating and $1350 for the lifetime ceramic coating. We do offer additional packages that include things like glass ceramic coating, leather ceramic coating, rim ceramic coating and plastic ceramic coating. We also offer financing through Wisetack; check out our financing page Here. Checking if you pre-qualify will NOT affect your credit – it is a “soft pull”.

Why Kings Valet for Your Next Ceramic Coating?

As mentioned prior – we offer an experience like no other. Beyond the Peace of Mind Guarantee; our business is based on philanthropic ideals. Kings Valet donates 10% of EVERY dollar in sales to local causes. These charities include: Center for the Homeless, Cultivate Food Rescue and A Healing Hope (among others). Kings Valet’s Mission Statement is: Instilling confidence – one coating at a time. This is a two prong mission. First “prong” is likely obvious; your coating makes you feel more confident in the longevity of that showroom new look lasting for years. The other “prong” being our donations allow those who are homeless, children who are neglected / lost or those born with incurable diseases to get the help they need to land on their feet as best as possible.  This allows a restoration of confidence to them through our work on your vehicle.

Best Ceramic Coating Company in Granger Indiana

In Conclusion: “Ceramic Coating Near Me”

Skip it! There are far better search terms to find high quality options that are close to home. Have a question that I didn’t cover? I would love to hear from you. Email me at george.hunt@kingsvaletind.com–  send our shop a text at 574.777.0033 or call Kings Valet at 574.347.4445. I hope you found this information useful and that it will possibly change your search habits.