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Kings Valet Has Closed Its Doors Permanently

I have written and rewritten this post many times - this will be my final run at it.
Every year in Early December we close down for the month and reopen in January. This allows us to spend time with family and friends. We will be closing down today and not reopening in 2024.
I am a big believer in brevity and will keep as "to the point" as possible. We are shutting down for 2 primary reasons.
First - Stephen, My Wife, My Baby and I live off Angela Blvd in South Bend. Even living at a 3 minute drive to campus - we hear guns shots ring out in the middle of the night; multiple times a week. In 2022 in South Bend, 1 in 67 was a victim of violent crime - and the numbers are trending the same this year. I have now have a young daughter and she deserves better. We have no intent of moving one town over and pretending like the problem won't spread. That's not reality.
Second - Our mom needs our support. With the loss of our father last year, she hasn't fully recovered. We seriously considered closing last year and moving back home, but she gave us that motherly answer of "I'll be fine". That has not been the case and as all of you know - there is absolutely nothing more important than family to us. Between me being shot and us losing our father suddenly at 63 - how finite life is has become even more evident in our lives.
We are sorry - we know this decision affects folks well beyond us and it was not made lightly. There is nothing Stephen and I have loved more than getting to be a part of each and every one of your lives. It has quite literally been our dream since knee high to grow a business together. We wish we could continue to serve you, but we must place our family first - as we trust each and every one of you would do.
We have waffled on this decision for months, with leaning towards staying open another year being our final choice as of weeks ago. Unfortunately; 8 more gun shots (about 1 block away) last night just solidified our decision. This was our final year and we will be leaving the area shortly into the new year.
We hope that you understand and thank you for all the support over the last 5 years. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
One additional note: Please don't come knocking the doors down at the building we used to rent. In discussing our plans with the owner of the building / business we were subletting at; we told him simply to have his staff refer you here. They do not have any additional answers beyond this post. We (and they) thank you in advance.
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