• George Hunt

Why Choose Kings Valet

Are you tired of paying more and getting less? Are you tired of your expectations never being met? I have good news - The philosophy is different at Kings Valet.


This will be slightly wordy, but I want to speak on an experience of mine that happened Sunday.

I went for a meal at a major chain Italian restaurant with low expectations. Nothing to do with the specific place my wife and I went as we used to love this place for a quick cheap date. This is just how we approach every interaction now-a-days. With low expectations, we still didn’t leave happy. A few minutes to get drinks, our appetizer was never rang in (so obviously it never came), the meals were ehhh, the coffee with dessert was bitter, etc.

$65 for 2 sodas, 1 coffee, 2 chicken-based meals and 1 dessert. $85 after the tip. Both my wife and I have been servers, so we tend to tip high no matter what. Six months ago the service was excellent, the quality was better and might have justified the cost of today. I couldn’t care less about the cost of a date, but I would have dressed up and done fine dining for a few dollars more; why? I know the service and quality would have matched the cost.

Flash Back to Kings Valet being different -

We pride ourselves on EVERY experience EXCEEDING expectations. Not just words - ask our prior clients. Nothing but 5 star reviews. While our costs may be higher than you expect, the service provided will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.

I have had two-hour conversations (after-hours) multiple times with a single person KNOWING that I would not land the sale… Why would I do this? Our goal is building relationships OVER bottom lines. My personal cell number is given multiple times to every client and potential clients. We are reachable humans.

When your service is completed it isn't a "Thanks for the money - see ya later" and block your number. If something comes up 6 days or 6 years later - we want to know!

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. We are human and have made mistakes. When this happens - we don’t just correct them and “meet” your expectation of it being fixed; we take a second shot at blowing you out of the water.

I thank you for taking a couple minutes to glance this over and we really hope that we would have the opportunity to blow you away soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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