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What's the difference between Car Wax and Ceramic Coatings?

Updated: Jul 20

Stop Waxing and Start Protecting!

First, it's important to understand what wax is and how it works. Car wax is a blend of waxes, oils, and solvents. This may include crude oil distillates, ethanol, mineral spirits, petroleum and more. Wax can be applied by hand or by buffer and acts as a short term protection that sits on-top of the paint. Because wax has fillers, it has some effectiveness (especially when buffer applied) at masking very minor marring (scratches) in your auto paint. Most commonly, carnauba waxes are used for automobiles. As was mentioned above, any consumer grade (and virtually all "pro grade") waxes have fillers. The cost of a "pure wax" being applied to your vehicle by hand would exceed the cost of most longer term coatings. Wax also struggles to remain hydrophobic as it has very large pores (on a microscopic level). These pores fill easily with contaminants and it is near impossible to do any decontamination of the wax without physically removing the wax. Chemicals as common as dish soap are used to strip wax as prep for longer term coatings. This brings the question of how much actual chemical resistance waxes carry...

Enter Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic coating is superior to wax because it has an actual curing process. It literally creates a nano-chemical bond with the surface of your vehicle, ensuring an EXTREME resistance to water, soaps, and just about every sort of environmental pollutant you can throw at it. Because of this curing process, they are much more durable than wax. They are also resistant to heat, UV rays, and harsh detergents. Ceramic Coatings have been used (and still are) to transport chemicals as harsh as arsenic. They can also be applied in home appliances (ovens and grills) as many resist heat well over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. These coatings can last upwards of 7 years on a daily driver, even longer on garage kept vehicles. By contrast, wax literally just "sits" on top of your paint. It doesn't provide real protection beyond this very limited physical barrier. It requires constant reapplication, provides only some sheen and virtually no resistance to oxidation or corrosion. Plain and simple wax is out-dated technology. The benefits of professionally installed ceramic coatings are endless. They will protect your vehicle from every minor "injury" imaginable. Call us if you have questions: 574.347.4445.

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