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What is this Blog All About?

First - My name is George. I am one of the Two Brothers who own and operate Kings Valet. My little brother Stephen is stronger, faster, smarter AND more humble (but he will never tell ya that).

We started this company in 2018 with just a dream of helping the local community. Kings Valet does this through many avenues; Creating Jobs, Restoring Confidence through Clean Vehicles and Donating to Local Causes. Our belief is singularity of purpose. We now Exclusively Install and Maintain Ceramic Coatings. That's it.

This brings me to the purpose of the blog - It will be about anything and everything we have going on here at Kings Valet. Most of the early posts are going to focus on the questions we covered in our FAQ. I want the chance to expand on most of these answers and explain the Kings Valet process.

If you ever want us to cover a specific subject - REACH OUT! I mean it. While I will likely provide links to this or that in blogs along the way; the main focus is to EDUCATE. Stephen will jump in occasionally to post, but this is my main function with the company so, you will be hearing a lot from me! Welcome to the family and we hope you enjoy what is to come!

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