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What is Paint Correction?

This will be a brief post just to touch on how bad Automatic Brush Washes are for your vehicle (and Ceramic Coating) and how Kings Valet uses Paint Correction to fix scratches and swirl marks.


A picture speaks 1000 words right? Here is a photo of a black jeep gladiator that was less than 5 years old. Guess how it was maintained prior to coming to Kings Valet?

Yes it was maintained with an Automatic Brush Car Wash. And you wonder why your vehicle doesn't shine even after they apply the hot lava wax.. it is because of those scratches. The brushes slap the clear coat at high speeds and are full of grit. The grit makes micro-marring and scratching on the surface. After WEEKS not YEARS the above can happen. This micro marring / scratching "traps" the reflection of the sunlight. This is why a new car looks so deep and glossy. The same as a diamond, the cleaner the cut and polish - the better the reflection.

The Good News? Kings Valet offers Paint Correction with their Lifetime Ceramic Coating!

So what is Paint Correction? Paint correction is done with a DA Buffer, Rotary Buffer or Wet Sanding. All of these methods aim to remove scratches, swirls, holograms, orange peel and oxidation from your vehicle's clear coat. These defects are taken out by removing a very thin layer of your vehicle's clear coat. Essentially the scratches are valleys and the non scratched portion is like the mountain peak. You have to shave down the peaks (with heat and abrasion) to the lowest valleys. This level provides a clean reflection in the sun again.

How much does Paint Correction Cost?

It starts at only $350 when added to our Lifetime Ceramic Coating. (Cheaper than you thought right?)

What Can Kings Valet not fix?

Scratches to bare metal. The rule of thumb is that if you can run your thumb nail over the section and feel the scratch it is too deep to be buffed out. It will require repainting and blending. Orange peel - While Kings Valet can fix this; they recommend against it. Nearly every vehicle produced today has orange peel. It is not worth the hefty price to fix. Traditionally wet-sanding (the method for fixing orange peel) is reserved for show cars not daily drivers.

Kings Valet only offers Paint Correction WITH Ceramic Coatings because if you are going to fix it - you should be protecting those results for a lifetime!

Have any questions? Please reach out! Hope you have a blessed day!

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