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What is orange peel?

Paint jobs are supposed to look smooth, but oftentimes that's not the case - even in brand new vehicles. Why would that be the case? You may be surprised to learn that a lot of the improper paint jobs people experience with newer vehicles have been caused at the factory level.

Have you heard of terms like swirl marks, marring or orange peel? The majority of these defects started as a part of the paint before you even purchased your vehicle. Your paint has already been damaged before you drove off the lot. Orange peel can happen in a variety of ways, but the majority DO happen at the factory level. The defect is caused by a range of problems. From uneven application, angled tip and more.

In particular, the orange peel effect creates a bumpy, uneven surface similar to an orange peel.

But why does this happen?

At the factory level, most vehicles are painted using a spray gun. The air within the gun shoots the paint on the car's surface, and with that propulsion a certain amount of pigmentation is inevitable.

For most cars, it's so microscopic that you wouldn't notice. But where the paint attaches to the car’s surface, it can sometimes settle and dry unevenly. When this happens, the paint creates the bumpy texture most people refer to as Orange Peel.

The paint might be too hot, the settings on the spray gun might need to be re-configured, the paint may not be mixed correctly, or maybe too much paint is leaving the gun. The point is, there are a lot of reasons as to why this can happen. And they're typically due to conditions that are hard to control.

Because it's so common, automotive painters ranging from experienced to newbie are likely familiar with the "orange peel effect". At Kings Valet, we know how to prevent it, minimize it, and most importantly, fix it when it occurs.

Paint correction is the process of removing scuffs, swirl marks, marring, shallow scratches, holograms and orange peel from paint. This can be done with mechanics such as buffing via an orbital or a dual action polisher. Some more extreme cases will require wet sanding.

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