What Happens on a Lackluster Experience?

My father always taught me that a man's true character comes out when faced with adversity.

While our goal is EVERY Experience Exceeds Expectation; Kings Valet is run by humans that are fallible. (The robots can't lay a coating, yet.) Unfortunately, this means not every experience is perfect.

One example of this actually happened today; so it is a perfect time to own our imperfections and explain our process to fix it.


The Short Story:

Our client saw a large dark area on a smaller panel of his truck. He didn't know what it was so he took it to a friend of his who owns a detail shop. Our client relayed this image to us while he was at his friend's shop.

This is called a high spot; meaning this area was not leveled quickly enough. The spot looks like dark streaks because Ceramic Coating is pooled in that area. Super easy fix, but definitely a big boo-boo. (We owe a nod of respect to this shop for not running to FB to say how we are trash or hacks; he just explained to our client what had occurred.)


So what is Kings Valet's process of fixing a lackluster experience? The number one thing Stephen and I will always do is immediately own the error. Deflecting or making excuses helps no-one. Next is obvious - fix the error. Many businesses stop here because this would be meeting the client's expectation. That is not the way Kings Valet operates, this is why...

The final portion of fixing this experience is instilling that above and beyond mentality. When a steak is improperly cooked - I would hope the restaurant doesn't fix it by just tossing it back on the grill. There is always a little extra love the vehicle will see when it is brought back for the correcting of an error. Call it a free dessert if you will. This is unique to every situation, but the target is always an expectation exceeding experience.


While being perfectionists is one reason an error like this hurts, the bigger reason is that the clients had a subpar experience. While I wish everything went perfect - it simply doesn't. Some days Stephen and I are forced to accept we are human. We view this as an opportunity to review our processes and improve.

Our biggest ask is that if something does arise, please let us know like this client did. The worst thing for us would be never knowing an error occurred; then having no idea why you didn't return. Our aim is to build relationships over bottom-lines. We appreciate having second chances to make you feel like you got the value of every dollar you spent. To this client: We are sorry, but we are also grateful for the opportunity to fix it.

Hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

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