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What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

Ceramic Coatings are designed for...

  1. Deep Shine / High Gloss

  2. Protection from Water Spots

  3. Protection from Winter Roads (Salt and Brine)

  4. Protection from Mother Nature (Bird droppings / Bug Guts / UV)

AND the biggest reason people purchase a Ceramic Coating? - It is incredibly easy to clean!

Things a Ceramic Coating will not do?

  1. Stop Rock Chips

  2. Stop your angry ex that is currently wielding a key

While Ceramic Coatings are "9H" rated (hardness) - they are not bullet proof, or even really scratch proof. The best way to phrase it is that a Ceramic Coating is a Sacrificial Layer to protect your clear coat and paint. They are extremely effective against minor abrasion (like a jacket zipper rubbing against the car).

As always - if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! Stephen and I hope you have an awesome day!

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