• George Hunt

What are Swirl Marks or Marring?

So, you regularly take your car through an auto brush wash, and it looks great right after you leave.

By the next day it's back to dull and lackluster? If you miss a couple days without their “hot lava wax” application; you start to see these weird spider webs all over the vehicle? This is a “swirl mark”. A “marred” surface is less uniformly abraded. Marring typically occurs in a hand wash setting where the mitt or microfiber towels being used had sediment through some or all of the passes over the vehicle.

Typically people first notice these marks on the flat surfaces of their vehicle – the hood, roof and trunk. On darker vehicles, the marks will oftentimes be additionally noticeable on the bumper or fender.

Not all marks are the same.

If you have heavy swirl marks, the outer layers of your car's paintwork have likely been affected. When this happens, your entire vehicle can be damaged by rust and the deterioration it brings along with it. Once the rust spreads, it can literally eat your vehicle from the inside out. In these cases, paint correction is a necessity. Paint isn't just about how your vehicle looks on the outside - it's also about protecting everything on the inside.

By undergoing professional paint correction work we can eliminate any imperfections caused by these marks, as well as protect the integrity of your entire vehicle. Give us a call today to get started: 574.347.4445.

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