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Dealership "Coatings" are a Scam

"I'll even throw in a coating for you; for 'free'"

You have no idea how much you are actually about to pay for going this route. After all you know the cliché - "If it is too good to be true..."

I will apologize now because this one will be a rant and there won't be any shiny car pictures.

The first thing I need to expose: 99% of the time the dealerships are NOT using Professional-Grade Ceramic Coatings. They almost always use a spray sealant in its place; so they lie to you. The few honest dealerships that do actually use Professional-Grade Ceramic Coatings outsource it. Their facilities are not designed for vehicles to be sitting multiple days during the curing process for your Ceramic Coating. Guess what outsourcing means for you... HUGE mark-ups. They call professional detailers to do the work at about 50% of what you pay for the coating. This means they make $1,000+ by making a phone call you could have made.

While I am on the money aspect - the dealership only cares about the bottom line.

The dealership has one job to make money. This is done by you walking out the door with a shiny new car, and them spending as little as possible to do it. When they call to outsource your Ceramic Coating - the professional detailer may mention paint correction is needed. The dealership will always refuse. (Yes, even new cars need correction nearly every time.) This means you are now paying a huge mark-up on your coating to have scratches PERMANENTLY sealed under it.

Touching more on dealerships not doing coatings in-house...

Most dealerships have a "detailing" department. This is just apart of doing just enough to get you out of the door with your new or used vehicle. Dealerships are traditionally where detailers get their introduction to the car care field NOT long-term careers. The low pay, high turnover and even higher volume of vehicles leaves no time to well... focus on the details.

The entry level detailers at dealerships have little-to-no training on even the basics; like stain removal or how to clay bar. Ceramic Coating is an advanced skill. With Ceramic Coating there is a flash time, miss it and you will have high spots everywhere. Don't remove all grease and wax prior to applying and the coating will fail sooner. If they don't perform the paint correction the right way - they wind up sealing in holograms. There are so many ways someone who doesn't specialize in a Ceramic Coating can botch the installation.

In Summary:

I don't rant often, but I have been hearing about this all too often as of recently. Of course I want your vehicle coming to Kings Valet for your Professional-Grade Ceramic Coating, BUT ultimately I just want you to be educated. If you are going to have a Ceramic Coating done; please see someone who specializes in their installation - even if it isn't us.

*Deep Breathe*

Back to happy posts tomorrow hah. I hope you have a blessed day!

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