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Let’s Talk Honestly...

No shiny Ceramic Coating pictures today (other than the cover photo). Just an honest discussion about what makes Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet... unique. There are many local shops that are great at what they do. All of us are certified for a Ceramic Coating brand that we believe to be the best option for you. All of us are pretty close in price. So what differentiates these shops? Really that would just leave... ownership / leadership, right?

This blog post is meant to be a peek inside our philosophy. Just Stephen and I talking to you before we have had a chance to meet you in-person. Transparency is key and you should know who you are trusting with your vehicle with; not only for a Ceramic Coating Installation, but also building a long-term relationship with. Yes, a long-term relationship is what we strive for - not "Hey, thanks for the sale... see ya". Our Mission statement really covers it all. Here is a more in-depth breakdown.

The Kings Valet Mission Statement: “Instilling confidence one coating at time”

This is a 3-fold mission to us. You, Our Staff and The Community!

The first fold - and likely most obvious, instilling confidence for you; the client.

Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet exclusively installs Ceramic Coating, Specializing in New and Luxury vehicles. If this is you, the confidence we are instilling is that your vehicle will be protected for years to come. You will constantly have that new car feeling with little to no effort. You won’t have to stress about mother nature (like bird droppings or bug guts) costing you thousands of dollars because you need a repaint. "Peace of mind for years to come" is a cliché we use often.

Some of the most rewarding jobs to us are “new to me” used vehicles. Why? Through no fault of the new owner - the luster of the vehicle is gone. It has been run through brush washes for years or just flat out neglected. Instilling confidence here is giving these clients the showroom new look they have yet to experience with this vehicle. A Paint Corrected and Ceramic Coated vehicle brings a different level of self-esteem. This client always smiles a little bit bigger at pick up.

Okay, second fold - instilling confidence through employment.

The success of our Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet has allowed us to invest in a brand new venture opening in September. I can’t speak too much more to this company (yet), but our hope is to open 5-10 locations in the next 2 years. Every one of these locations will employ multiple people. Every employee of ours will be making over $20 an hour within 60 days. There will also ALWAYS be growth opportunities. Prove yourself and we will find a way for more to be offered. Doing estimable things like working, builds this self-esteem, thus building confidence.

This last way of instilling confidence is the most important to us. It is through charitable donation.

Instilling confidence in those less fortunate or helping to boost local causes. Are there greater missions in life? This is our “why”… Yes, a paycheck is nice. Feeding ourselves and enjoying a vacation here and there is great, but that's not the ultimate goal. My folks raised both Stephen and I with a servant mindset. How can we help others? Our vision statement is “Kings Valet's core value is philanthropy. Their opportunities to give back are created through honest sales of a proven system. By 2025 Kings Valet will be in a position to donate $50,000+ annually; into their local community. “

This isn’t just words on paper. It is what we believe at our center. 10% of every sale - every day is donated to local causes. Our target this year is to be able to give 25K back to the community. We are right on pace and it feels amazing! An example of a cause we have supported prior would be Center for the Homeless. Their mission is "Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness" - seems pretty estimable, right? We have added organizations like Cultivate Food Rescue and Hockey for Life this year. If you have a charitable event; we encourage you to reach out! We genuinely love to support local causes through monetary donation or donation of services.

Alright - I have probably lost 90% of people by now since this turned into an essay so time to wrap it up hah. To those of you still reading… Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about us. To read "Our Start" you can click the button below. It was a rocky one - but the winding path took us exactly where we were meant to be. To every client who has supported us over the past couple years, thank you. We get to step into our dream daily and it is AMAZING. We love yall. Again, thanks for taking the time to get to know us. If you have any questions at all - please reach out. We hope you have a blessed day!

Pssssst. Did you secretly want to see shiny cars? I've got you covered. Our Ceramic Showroom is at the button below 😏

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