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[2023] What is Ceramic Coating and is Ceramic Coating Worth It? | Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet

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First - Happy New Year! Stephen and I are beyond excited to take on 2023 with you. We wish you and your families happiness, health and wealth in the year to come.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Is it something for cookware? Does it go on the floor in my kitchen and bathroom? We get all these questions and more.

Ceramic Coatings bond with your vehicle's clear coat and form a long lasting, high gloss "Nano Coat" barrier. Ceramic Coatings repel water, environmental factors and even prevent lackluster. It protects, enhances and strengthens one of your most valued investments.

How Ceramic Coating Works

The very short science lesson here is that on a microscopic level - paint / clear coat is porous. When we apply a Ceramic Coating onto a vehicle's clear coat, we are filling said pores. The Ceramic Coating bonds within and above the porous area on the surface of the clear coat.

Tesla Ceramic Coating
New 2022 Tesla Model Y with Ceramic Coating

What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet keeps this list VERY short. It is not because Ceramic Coating doesn't have great value, but rather to eliminate some of the FALSE marketing done by the manufacturer.

Ceramic Coating has 3 Advantages: Very Easy to Clean, Incredibly High Gloss and a Layer of Protection from Mother Nature.

Why is cleaning easier with Ceramic Coating? Much less can embed in the clear coat since the pores are full! Cleaning is also easier because of the properties of Ceramic Coating, but that's a deeper lesson for another day. How to clean your Ceramic Coating? Kings Valet will ALWAYS recommend a two bucket wash method first, but we understand you are not going to stand in your driveway in February to quickly wash your Model Y or Ford F-250. Your next best option is the most basic package from a TOUCH-FREE Automatic Car Wash. We recommend American Classic as they have the cleanest and best kept facilities in Michiana. Again, all you need is rinse, soap, rinse and dry - the most basic package will get you to 90% or better.

High Gloss Ceramic Coating on Black Truck
New Truck with Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet

Ceramic Coating does provide the highest gloss of all the paint protection options on the market (I will be writing a blog on Ceramic versus PPF, Wax, Sealant shortly). The reality of the high gloss for any version of paint protection is that most of this gloss is actually provided in the prep process. Kings Valet does a 26 point exterior detail (including 3 separate washes, iron decon bath, clay barring and more). Then the vehicle's clear coat is enhanced with paint correction or polish. Ceramic Coating has the highest gloss rating because it is clear and contains no fillers allowing a clean reflection of the sun. No fillers is a drawback for some as Ceramic Coating will not remove (or hide) scratches. While Kings Valet does not require paint correction - there are instances where it is suggested (More On Paint Correction Can Be found here.) A Buffer Applied Polish is included and Paint Correction is relatively inexpensive (if needed) to add to your Ceramic Coating Package from Kings Valet. The prep work we do will be sealed in for life. As the cliche goes - "The quality remains long after the price is forgotten."

Finally, I mentioned Ceramic Coating providing protection from mother nature. This is probably the best feature of a Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet. Bugs are what every car aficionado hates! They stick, their guts are acidic (so they etch) and they are unsightly on that nice shiny chrome grill. Ceramic Coating lets you wipe them off like butter! It also protects against bird droppings etching your clear coat. Hard water spots are much easier to remove AND much fewer are present because of the hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Coating. Pro Tip: A great tip for removing hard water spots is Vinegar. Spray a little on, let it soak for a minute and wipe off with a high gsm microfiber and distilled water.

The Problem with Ceramic Coating... Gimmicks by the Manufacturers:

If you watch the ads from the manufacturers, you might believe that Ceramic Coatings are this bulletproof shield that will protect your car from hitting a pole at 60 mph. They light the hood on fire, throw shopping carts at it, show it rubbing poles and other cars - the reality is that these are all gimmicks. Ceramic Coating is a great sacrificial layer in these instances - that is all.

Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating Near Me
2019 Subaru with Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are NOT scratch proof, they are scratch resistant. Does it seem like I'm splitting hairs? I tell every potential client the same thing - If you have an angry ex running around your car with a key - they WILL get to bare metal. That is not very scratch proof, right? The scratch resistance offered is more like stopping a rub from a jacket zipper or parking a bit too close to a rose bush. Another big myth is rock chips - Ceramic Coatings cannot stop rock chips. Again - think a "sacrificial hard layer" - not a life proof shield. The only type of paint protection that can stop these nuisances is Paint Protection Film. PPF comes with a much higher cost.

On the subject of Cost for Ceramic Coating or cost for ppf - Kings Valet is the only company in Michiana to plainly display an EXACT price on their website for ALL packages we offer. No starting at or ranges; no having to fill out forms or make calls - you know exactly what your cost will be without the hoops to jump through. Interested in our Ceramic Coating prices? Check out our Lifetime Ceramic Coating Page. Towards the bottom we have pricing and how to book your Ceramic Coating. Our Ceramic Coatings are backed by a Lifetime Promise, 200% Money Back Guarantee and include FREE Maintenance for Life. As we do not offer PPF we would direct you to the best local ppf installer being HighDef Detailing in Elkhart. His prices range from about $2,000 for high impact areas to $6000+ for full vehicles.

Classic Car Ceramic Coating Indiana
Classic Car with Ceramic Coating

So the ultimate question: Is Ceramic Coating worth it?

Only you can decide where you stand on this question. My brother and I believe Ceramic Coating is well worth it; otherwise Ceramic Coating would not be the sole offering at Kings Valet. We believe that the best paint protection to cost ratio is provided by Ceramic Coating. Kings Valet also maintains a perfect 5 star rating on Google and Facebook - so it appears our customers love their Ceramic Coatings as well - check out our 2022 and 2023 Ceramic Coating Reviews here!

If you have any questions at all - please reach out! or call us at 574.347.4445. I wish you a wonderful rest of your week!

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