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How to Clean Your Ceramic Coating at Home

This is designed to be a very basic overview of how to clean your Ceramic Coating. We have provided links and are not paid for anything listed below. There are many quality options for how to clean your coating; these products just happened to be what Kings Valet uses and knows to produce great results.


Griot’s Garage XL Drying Towel (Here)

UndrDog Soap, Microfiber, Quickdetailer (Here)

Cobra Black Wash Mitt (Here)

Grit Guard (Here) - *Really any will do, this is just an example*

5 Gallon Bucket

Maintenance Do and Don't:


Its okay to use touch free automatic washes Hand wash method is preferred (We have a professional referral for South Bend)

Wash in shade

Use suggested materials

Make sure soaps have no fillers or additives (including “ceramic”)

Don’t: Automatic brush washes

Washing in sun

Abrasive / dirty towels.

There is also no need for wax (it will smear on coating and actually reduces shine) NEVER “Clay Bar” or attempt to “polish” a coating. It is not needed and will affect the integrity.

Hand Wash Method

Bucket washing - Use Undrdog Soap (or Meguiars Gold Class). With soaps the best practice is PH neutral and NO fillers / additives.

  1. Park the vehicle in shade and rinse off top to bottom

  2. Use a wash mitt to apply soap (again top to bottom). Re-wet mitt frequently in soap bucket to shake off loose grit (grit guard will catch this)

  3. Rinse vehicle - again, top to bottom

  4. Dry vehicle with finishing towel from Griots (this is by far the best towel we have found)

There is nothing else required for quick washes, no wax or “topper” needs applying. You can add an additional bucket as rinse bucket. This ensures less grit is reintroduced to your car or truck.


If you are ever in a pinch and don’t have time for a wash you can use “Quick Detailer'' from UndrDog. This is intended for an instance like “bird bombs.”

  1. Simply spray the entire panel you wish to clean with QD

  2. Fold your Microfiber into quarters

  3. Wipe the entire panel with one side of the towel, then flip the towel and wipe again.

It is suggested to not allow QD to dry on its own or it will look streaky. If this happens, simply spray more on affected areas. It is safe to use in direct sunlight (we do not suggest this); but it has a short working time prior to “drying” (think spray wax). We do not suggest spraying QD on matte finish (it will likely look streaky).

As always - If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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