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How to Book a Ceramic Coating

The Process at Kings Valet has been intentionally designed to be incredibly simple:

  1. Fill out the Quote Request Form at the top of our Ceramic Coating Page.

  2. George will reach out via your preferred contact method. He will have a couple more simple questions to ask.

  3. George will send you an estimate (from Orbis X) based on your answers. The headers of our Estimates contain pricing for all add-on options.

  4. If you are happy with the estimate - just click "accept"

  5. Once you "accept" your estimate - an invoice is created. 20% of the invoice is due prior to being scheduled (deposit).

  6. Once the deposit is paid George will contact you again to get you scheduled.

Our standard services occur between Monday and Saturday 9am - 4pm. We do offer after hours pick-up / drop-off with notice. We also offer Sunday Services at a premium price. We book out an average of 8 weeks during peak season. Sunday Service is similar to jumping the line at a theme park. Vehicles that get Sunday Service will be completed same-day BUT they still need to cure overnight. They will be ready for pick-up by noon Monday. (All vehicles can be stored for up to 3 days at no charge after completion of service.)

Estimates / invoices are only valid for 7 days unless a deposit is made. Without a deposit made your invoice will become void. Our prices like the current market are fluctuating; unfortunately, rarely in a downward direction. We do our absolute best to absorb most of the inflation, but the only way for you to lock in a price is with a deposit. I write 25+ estimates a week. It gets very messy if they do not eventually fall off. Lingering invoices with no deposits are even worse. Those who are truly committed to our services have zero issue making a deposit promptly after they accept their estimate.

We look forward to serving you. I had a couple prior clients suggest writing an explanation of how the process works. It really is incredibly easy. All our booking, reminders, payments and more occur on a single platform! (Orbis X even reports to Carfax!) Kings Valet pays a large monthly subscription to keep this amazing solution in place for you; you will understand why once you have used it with us for your first time. Humbly, thank you for your consideration and we hope this helps to give a slight look into how booking with Kings Valet works. Have a wonderful day!

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