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How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost? (And Why)

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

This question is searched more often than "What is Ceramic Coating" - crazy right? I guess if you are already in the market for a Ceramic Coating you likely have an idea of what a Ceramic Coating is supposed to do.

Diving right in, I can only speak to our Cost of Ceramic Coating at Kings Valet. Kings Valet is the Premier Installer of Ceramic Coating in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan. Our base package is called the "Triple P" which is short for Prep, Polish, Paint.

The "Triple P" - LIFETIME Ceramic Coating Package:

The Prep Stage is a full exterior detail which includes, pH neutral hand wash, iron removal, clay bar + a detailed focus on rims, undercarriage and more. Our Polish Stage includes a buffer applied polish done in a crosshatch pattern on all exterior paint. This is designed to add shine prior to coating application. This step also includes an alcohol bath to remove any grease or oil left on the surface. The better the prep, the better the result! Finally, the Paint Stage is the application of your LIFETIME Ceramic Coating to all exterior paint. This package takes about 10 hours to complete for a single installer (Usually this is Stephen as I make him do all the hard work... Props of being the big brother 😅).

The Cost:

The Triple P starts at $1175 for sedan sized vehicles and caps at $1375 for Larger Trucks and SUVs. We offer an add-on Full Exterior Package that covers plastics, glass and rims. We also offer a Full Interior Package that covers plastics, leather, textile and carpet.


We only offer 2 everyday discounts at Kings Valet. The first is a Military Discount - 7% off total invoice. Nearly our entire family has served and we cannot thank those who have served enough for the freedoms we enjoy today. The only other daily discount we offer is for Multi-Vehicle Discount. This is 7% off every additional vehicle booked with-in 30 days of the first vehicle being serviced. First vehicle will be at retail price. (Yes - we know, you have 10 vehicles you are definitely going to have done with us 😉)

We DO allow stacking of these discounts if you are military. Again - thank you for your service.

Summary: Kings Valet has a goal of delivering more value at every fork in the road. If you are a price driven shopper - we are likely not a good fit. Kings Valet is not (nor intends to be) the cheapest in town. Do you want peace of mind? That peace of mind won't come from an uninsured guy showing up in your garage to install a consumer grade coating he had you purchase. Ceramic Coatings are something where you will get exactly what you pay for...

Looking for More Information or to Get a Quote? I have provided a button below. If you have any questions - feel free to post them below in the comments or reach out directly to us at the shop. The number is 574.347.4445. Kings Valet does offer consultations in-person BUT, these are by appointment only. This allows you to get the attention you deserve rather than a rushed process. We hope you have a blessed day and look forward to hopefully working with you soon!

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