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How much does Ceramic Coating cost?

Updated: Jul 20

Our packages start at just $299. But when consumers see the huge range in pricing on Google they tend to wonder what goes into the cost?

First, the biggest value of a long-term coating is the ease of maintenance and massive addition in shine. Adding further value, Ceramic Coating offers many benefits that include scratch resistant properties, color retention, increased UV resistance (and less fading), and chemical corrosion prevention. Applying a heavy duty solution like this requires a lot of effort if it's done right. The largest part of the cost is simply paint correction and preparation. The price variation across different shops (ours included) comes from charging $60+ per hr of paint correction. Estimating hours spent to repair is not only unique to many factors, but also impossible to do unless in-person. Ceramic coating is a clear and durable, hard surface protection system applied to vehicles. This means EVERYTHING needs to be set up perfectly before the coating is applied. Poor prep will always lead to lackluster results, typically longevity is affected the most. That acknowledged, we do offer different options for different needs. Our entry level package, for example, requires no major paint correction (it is a semi-permanent coating); making it an extremely popular choice among people on the fence as to whether or not this service is for them. This package is only $299, and it provides 1 year+ of paint protection from things such as road salt, bird droppings and bug build up - with a super glossy finish. For more information, please give us a call at: 574.347.4445!

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