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Buying a New Car?

The team at Kings Valet knows it is a very weird market in which we live right now. When I say that we are providing you "Peace of Mind" this includes in the sales process. Last month we had a client who scheduled a coating for next week. He was promised delivery on said date and most of you know what comes next... "My truck has been delayed" - We get it!

We know this is something completely out of your control. We also know this is frustrating - it is why our rescheduling policy on New Cars is 2x with NO penalty or fees. We want you to be able to book our services as soon as you are in the market for a new car. When you have a delivery date we will schedule your "place holder" appointment for your delivery date.

We do this so you don't get pushed out 6-8 weeks on your new car because you waited until delivery to call. (6-8 weeks is standard during the busy season, but we have hired to work on cutting this down). When we book your placeholder appointment we will always add you to a waitlist as well. This enables you to be first in line on a later date; if you need to cancel and reschedule because delays of delivery.

Kings Valet has the goal of making the process of booking, installation and post-service care as simple and straightforward as possible. If there is anything we can do for you, we hope you will reach out!

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