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"I'm Going to Wait Until Spring..."

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Why waiting for spring to have your Ceramic Coating Installed by Kings Valet is the wrong decision.

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George here with Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet. I just want to have a conversation about one of the most common phrases I hear on sales calls in the fall: "I think I am going to wait until spring". I need to tell you something...

There is no better time than fall to get a Ceramic Coating installed!

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Why Should I Have Ceramic Coating Installed by Kings Valet Now - Versus Spring?

The most common opposition is "It will just get dirty in Winter" and you are right, it absolutely will. Ironically enough, this is the BIGGEST reason you SHOULD be investing in a Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet now versus waiting for spring. If your logic is not wanting to get a Ceramic Coating dirty, you should be even more concerned about an unprotected New Car getting dirty / damaged through winter.

Cleaning your New Car or Truck is EASY with Ceramic Coating!

Even if you couldn't care less about corrosion because you are trading the vehicle in 3 years from now - you probably do care about it being easy to maintain. Ceramic Coating solves this problem. Ceramic Coating makes washing and maintaining your car easy; year-round. No, you don't have to stand in your driveway in February with a garden hose... A quick run through an automatic touch free car wash and it will look like day one of installation.

Speaking of Corrosion...

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Most New Vehicles are daily drivers - not "garage queens". This means they are driven through our rough Indiana winters. Salt, Brine and other materials are laid on our roads to speed up ice melt - the problem? These chemicals dramatically speed up the corrosion of your vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings are essential to protect your vehicle against winter! While many clients book with Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet to have a shiny car / seal in the new car look - The most practical reason to have Paint Protection (Ceramic Coating) installed is the chemical resistance! Ceramic Coating helps to DRAMATICALLY slow corrosion.

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If you really think about it... waiting for spring doesn't negate winter coming next year. Eventually your Ceramic Coating and car will have to see snow - so ideally you would protect it right away!

The Ceramic Coating that Kings Valet Installs is not some spray on wax or sealant that will get washed off with the first snow of the year. Ceramic Coatings installed by Kings Valet have a LIFETIME warranty! We perform annual maintenance (typically in the spring) - to ensure your coating is performing like day 1 - year round.

With the cost of New Vehicles rising; it is more important than ever to Protect Your New Vehicle with Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet. A Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet only costs about 3% of the average cost of a new car. You read that right. You could have a Lifetime Warrantied Ceramic Coating for 3% (or less) of the cost of your new car - what is really stopping you?

In case you still can't wrap your head around Ceramic Coating this fall... Kings Valet has sweetened the deal. We have decided to do something so special that you won't have to "ask your wife / husband" or "wait for spring" -

We Built a Package Called "King of Winter Protection" - This package offers you protection AND a cleaner car all winter. Yes, part of this package is FREE maintenance this winter!

(So now it doesn't matter if it gets dirty)

Want more details on the Ultimate Package in Paint Protection from Kings Valet? Click the Button Below and get an instant quote - It only takes answering 4 simple questions to get an INSTANT quote. There are only 2 more button clicks to book after that. No dealing with a sales guy like me 😏

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