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[Updated 2023] All Professional Ceramic Coatings are the Same - Brand Should not be a "Wow Factor"

Updated: Jan 6

All Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings are virtually the same. It's not what most shops will tell you but it's the truth. The difference lies nearly exclusively in the hand you shake for the service.


Any Ceramic Coating will make your vehicle glossy and easy to clean. They all carry 9H or better ratings ("scratch resistance" is the biggest myth in the industry... that's a video for another time). All Ceramic Companies report to Carfax. The costs in our area are virtually the same from shop to shop; meaning...

Who your Professional Ceramic Coating Installer is the major difference.

Kings Valet is:

Exclusive to Ceramic Coatings (No other Services)

Offers a Lifetime Warranty

Free Annual Inspections

Free Quarterly Details

Donates 10% of EVERY Sale to charity

...and most importantly?

Genuinely cares about you!

That is why all this information (including George's Personal Cell Number) and bonuses are included in the cup holder after your service. The little things set Kings Valet a step above the rest.

You get exactly what you pay for in this industry. The guy that can do it cheaper - will provide exactly that, a cheaper experience. Cheap and Ceramic Coating do not belong in the same sentence. Kings Valet is a 5 star rated Ceramic Coating shop that takes pride in their work! Kings Valet is located in Mishawaka and serve all of Michiana; including Granger, Notre Dame, Elkhart, Niles, Goshen, New Buffalo and more.

Get your quote today by clicking the button below!

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