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A Warning for Those in the Market

It's spring time - you are getting your summer car from storage or you bought new recently and are considering a Ceramic Coating. Time to shop around for a great deal, right? I have a couple general warnings for you...

  1. Make sure the "guy who can do it cheaper" is insured

  2. Ceramic Coatings need to be installed in a controlled environment

  3. Ask their Ceramic Coating brand

  4. You get what you pay for

This is the time of year that the mobile detailers start to hit the road again. Mobile detailers do tend to be a bit cheaper. While there is nothing wrong with being mobile; the issue lies with many being uninsured. Even more aren't registered as a business. If they aren't paying for coverage or paying Uncle Sam - what are the odds that they pay you if they make a mistake? Always ask to see Insurance prior to booking. A legitimate business will have 0 issues providing this with-in minutes.

Ceramic Coatings are NOT designed to be applied outdoors / in direct sunlight. While it is curing pollen, bugs and other contaminants will get locked into your coating.. (cringe face). Also, lower skill with Ceramic Coatings will lead to High Spotting. High spots require buffing to repair. If your installer can't handle the easier part (the coating), they likely are not skilled enough to repair the high spots.

Ask their preferred brand! I am a big believer that I am building my own company's brand NOT that of our Ceramic Coating manufacturer, but... If you Google the brand they use and can buy it yourself - it is not professional grade. Professional grade coatings last up to a decade, consumer grade coatings will barely make a year. I can even save you a trip to Google - the top professional brands in the industry are: CarPro, Ceramic Pro, IGL, System-X. All of these brands require certification. If you were to search for them you will only be able to buy cleaning products and "toppers" from each. Buying off-brand Cheerios is one thing; spending $1500+ on a coating that will last a year versus ten is totally different.

Final Point - You get what you pay for... If a guy is offering to install a coating for $200, do you really think he will be in business next year when you are having issues? Will the mobile detailer even be around in November when it gets cold? Also - Any Professional Ceramic Coating retails at about $250 for 30 milliliters. A sedan takes AT LEAST 15 milliliters to coat just the paint. At this point you should really be questioning what they are using.

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