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[2023] How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse With Ceramic Coating | Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet

I couldn't tell you what 4K is or does, but I knew that I needed it. TVs in my teens and twenties are how I learned that buyer's remorse is a very real thing. Unfortunately, it took a couple TVs before I actually learned the lesson too. Don't worry though - well before I married my wife, she helped fix this habit. I now follow many of the suggestions made later in this post before any major post.

At Kings Valet; Stephen and I do our best to eliminate ANY chance of Buyer's Remorse showing up. Ceramic Coating should be a fun and painless experience that you get to enjoy for years to come. First, I want to look at 3 common causes of Buyer's Remorse. After seeing what are the biggest causes of remorse; we can dive into 21 ways Kings Valet helps you take your Ceramic Coating purchase head-on and most importantly; never regret the decision.

3 Common Causes of Buyer's Remorse in the Ceramic Coating Industry

MANY things can cause buyer's remorse, these are the three Kings Valet has found to be most common in the Ceramic Coating Industry.

  1. Sold on Gimmicks / False Promises: Ever seen the hood being set on fire after a Ceramic Coating? Been told you won't even have to wash your new car or truck? These are just a few cringe-worthy tactics to sell Ceramic Coating. Maybe you thought with Ceramic Coating you would never have to clean your vehicle. Maybe you saw somewhere that it would stop rock chips and scratching? The salesperson flat out lied. While this is most common at Car Dealerships; there are detail shops that exaggerate what Ceramic Coatings are capable of.

  2. Sold by the "Cheapest Guy" in the Area: The Cheapest Guy said he could install a Ceramic Coating for $500 versus the average cost of $1,500. While "You get what you pay for" should have been ringing in your ears... You were comparing apples to oranges and didn't know it. The Cheapest guy skipped a couple crucial prep steps, didn't do paint correction, but got you a "great deal" - right? The clear coat still looks lackluster and the Ceramic Coating is now failing. How fast is he coming to fix his job when he is a mobile detailer and it's January?

  3. Over-Extended Yourself / Bought on a Whim: Buy now, pay later with just 4 easy payments spread over the next 8 weeks, no problem right? Ceramic Coating is not a cheap investment, as mentioned above $1,200 to $1,500 is an average price for a long-term base package. The most common; and arguably the largest cause, of buyers remorse is a combination of exceeding the budget / buying immediately.

21 Ways Kings Valet Helps You Eliminate Buyers Remorse

Don't experience anxiety, fear or regret. All of the reasons for remorse above (and more) happen every day. Kings Valet is here to change how the Paint Protection is marketed and sold in the Industry. While buyers remorse doesn't typically show up before the sale, the process of weeding it out starts early.

Lifetime Ceramic Coating Near Granger - Installed by Kings Valet.

Building Trust

  1. Kings Valet Sets Clear Expectations: There are things Ceramic Coating does very well; high gloss, very easy to clean and protect from mother nature. There are also things Ceramic Coating does poorly / not at all. Deep scratching and rock chips are among this list. (Check out: Is Ceramic Coating Worth It? for more information on Ceramic Coating pros and cons). Expectations are also set for what is included, how long it will take and more.

  2. Kings Valet Displays Transparent and Simple Pricing: No wild goose chases with Kings Valet. Is there anything worse than reading a whole post titled "How much does Ceramic Cost" to get an answer at the end of "it varies" or "$300-$3000" - Probably the WORST is having a company make you input 18 pieces of information to "request a quote" knowing that a Camry, a Camaro and a CT-4 are all the exact same price for coating. Why not show pricing for a small, mid and large sized vehicle on their website? It really isn't complicated. Kings Valet lists all their prices towards the bottom of their Lifetime Ceramic Coating Page AND in this blog post: How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

  3. Kings Valet Explains Their Entire System Before Purchase: Transparency is King. Additionally, Kings Valet was built on education over sales. The goal is that you will know exactly what to expect. If there is a surprise along the way; I dropped the ball. Our website is our biggest educational tool and is a living entity. I do not pay a marketing company to add fluffy SEO or cool animations - I have built and currently maintain the site entirely on my own so that I may provide you updates on the latest market information often. I have done my best to make the website feel like a human to human interaction.

Lifetime Ceramic Coating Near Goshen - Applied by Kings Valet

No High-Pressure Sales

  1. Kings Valet Encourages Researching Ceramic Coatings: First, make sure Ceramic Coating is a good fit for you - It is NOT right for everyone. One note with researching; there is so much information at your fingertips online - not all of it is true. Ask questions; whether to us or another local installer. One way to test local installers is by asking "Can Ceramic Coating Stop Rock Chips?" or "Can I go through Drive and Shine with Ceramic Coating?" (The answer should be no to both).

  2. Kings Valet Encourages Shopping Around to Learn Local Ceramic Coating Costs: Don't just buy from us - even if you were a referral; shop around. I am confident Kings Valet provides the best value on Ceramic Coatings in Michiana and I want you to feel just as confident. You will never be pitched to make a deposit on your first phone call or contact with us. Our calls will always end with a written estimate being sent over that is valid for 21 days. This allows you to compare apples to apples with other local Ceramic Coating installers. It also allows you to step away from the excitement of the call and think it over which leads me to my next suggestion...

  3. Kings Valet Suggests You Talk to Your Spouse: I do all the sales for Kings Valet and I never take this line as a "blow-off" or just trying to get out of the conversation. We have all either been the at-fault party or burned by our spouse on a purchase without consultation. It doesn't feel good being on either side, does it? While I genuinely believe Ceramic Coating to be a solid investment - your wife or husband might not. They also may just have a couple questions of their own. Heck, maybe they might want it done to their car too and will be mad you didn't offer. I know talking to my spouse lets me really process my investments.

  4. Kings Valet Does Not Use Scarcity Tactics: How many promotions start with "Only 2 remaining" or "Sale Absolutely Ends Friday" and yet the sale gets magically extended for another 3 weeks. Did they find 14 more bottles of coating on the shelf? Come on. Scarcity tactics play on your fear of missing out. It's a cheap parlor trick. Kings Valet does not offer any BUY NOW discounts or promote "Scarcity" to try to sell our Lifetime Ceramic Coating Program. Considering all we offer is this Lifetime Ceramic Coating - it would be awkward to say we were running out.

  5. Kings Valet Does Not Offer Financing: Why? This leans into a "buy now" type of pressure - this is not where I want you to be when purchasing a Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet. Without going too far off the rails, debt is modern slavery. Yes there is good debt. Yes I personally use credit cards. This is not meant to be a judgemental statement, but rather a point to consider. A friend and I were talking the other day about Buyers Remorse (how this blog topic actually popped into my head) and he sent me a post from a popular social site. It made mention that if you were spending more than 1% of your annual income that you should wait 3 days. Just being able to simply buy on a whim because we could get you financed does not improve your quality of life. It adds a burden. This is definitely not in alignment with our mission and vision for the company.

With trust established and a well thought out purchase - you are likely moving into the installation phase. Yes, as soon as you drop your car off it can turn into - was this the right choice? This is how Kings Valet helps with Buyer's Remorse during the sale and installation.

Lifetime Ceramic Coating Installed By Kings Valet - Best Experience Near Notre Dame

Clear Communication

  1. Kings Valet Reviews Your Purchase(s) at Drop Off: Either Stephen or I will talk to you upon arrival. We will walk your vehicle with you, address any concerns you may have and ultimately review what has been selected for install. Yes, we will review what else is available and explain its benefits - but there is absolutely no pressure for any additional purchases.

  2. Kings Valet Shows You Your Paint Condition: Half the reason that paint correction is not included in our Lifetime Ceramic Coating package? We work with mostly new vehicles. Typically even if they have damage this can be removed by a polish (this is included). We would be charging for a service rarely rendered. The other half? "The Paint Looks Great!" seems to describe 03's and 23's alike. Our trained eyes see a little bit more - especially under LED lights. While we have plenty of photos and videos of the magic we can do during Paint Correction, it's always more convincing on your car, right? After your 26-point exterior detail we send you a photo of your current paint condition, what the included polish will look like and what adding a step of compounding would accomplish. Kings Valet does NOT require paint correction... it is highly recommended, but ultimately it is your vehicle not ours.

  3. Kings Valet Provides Text and Email Updates It is a part of Kings Valets standard procedures to update you at a MINIMUM of twice while your vehicle is here. This update includes the paint correction step above, and around lunch of the first day to let you know exactly how far we are. Most vehicles only take 24 hours, but if extensive correction was needed or a FULL Interior Ceramic Coating was added on an Escalade - We may bleed into a second day. You will know this ahead of time. Of nearly 200 coatings installed in 2022 - we missed our agreed upon deadline one time. (Sorry Jason). The vehicle would have passed final inspections at ANY shop in the area, but we just knew we could accomplish a little more. Jason has since referred multiple clients to us because of that little extra.

Lifetime Ceramic Coating Applied by Kings Valet. Best Coating Installation Near Granger


  1. Kings Valet Offers up to 2 Reschedules: One thing we were guilty of in the past was a very abrasive policy on rescheduling. Unconsciously this probably triggered a fight or flight response. We have since amended this part of our process. We understand that things come up and will work with you to find a solution if something arises. All we ask for is as much notice as possible.

  2. Kings Valet Offers 4 Days of Free Storage: Nothing worse than driving a freshly coated vehicle home in bad weather right? So don't! Kings Valet will store your vehicle for up to 4 days after your Ceramic Coating service; at absolutely no cost.

  3. Kings Valet Does Not Nickle and Dime: Need Pick-up or Delivery of your Vehicle? Kings Valet includes this with any Installation of Ceramic Coating. Sometimes you just need one little spot of paint correction - Kings Valet has you covered! Most little touch ups like this will be taken care of and never even mentioned. Our goal is that you won't have an oil change experience. This is where you walk in the door for a $24.99 oil change special and leave having spent 3x that and no idea how it happened.

Even with Kings Valet Building Trust, Encouraging Education (No-High Pressure Sales), Clear Communication and Flexibility - after Installation of your Ceramic Coating is typically the worst onset of buyer's remorse. You drove your nice shiny car home and you are still waiting for the other shoe to drop... well STOP! Kings Valet forte is the post installation experience. You are covered for a Lifetime in countless ways!

New and Luxury Vehicle Paint Protection | Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet

Peace of Mind for a Lifetime

  1. Kings Valet Has a 200% Money Back Guarantee: Wasting your money is likely at the top of your list. What if it doesn't work right and fails in six months. What if it isn't as shiny as you thought it would be... Whatever the case, you read that right. Not just a check for what you paid - Kings Valet will double it. Why? First, I am confident in our systems and products. Kings Valet offers only a single service being Lifetime Ceramic Coatings. This allows us to master said service. Second, you have time and energy invested - as they say time is money. Sending you off "breaking-even" is really a loss for you. So whats the fine print you ask? None. If we cannot get you to the level of an expectation exceeding experience - let us know.

  2. Kings Valet Has a No-Fine Print Lifetime Warranty Kings Valet promises that you will have a hardened; high gloss and chemical resistant layer atop all treated surfaces for as long as you own the vehicle. Three extremely simple rules to keep your Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet covered for as long as you own the vehicle. Don't set the hood on fire, avoid abrasive wash methods and see us once a year for a No-Cost Annual Inspection (most shops charge $150-$250 for this service).

  3. Kings Valet Includes FREE Lifetime Maintenance With Their Ceramic Coatings: When Stephen and I reviewed the good and bad of 2022 - we noticed something. While we were phenomenal at installing Ceramic Coatings, we lacked any type of Maintenance offering for said Ceramic Coatings. We felt like we were leaving you out to dry. We made a HUGE change at the start of 2023. Maintenance would now be included for LIFE at no cost. FREE Quarterly Details are now automatically included after installation. This Free Lifetime Maintenance also includes your No-Cost Annual Inspection. During this Annual Inspection you will get a free Ceramic Topper applied.

  4. Kings Valet is Focused on Kaizen: What the heck is Kaizen? Kaizen is a Japanese word, traditionally used in business settings. It means continuous improvement. This is a central philosophy at Kings Valet. Stephen and I want every detail to be right every time. We have made many changes in the years since opening and most have come off the suggestion of a client. We now have 3 targeted check-ins at key points during your first year. The intent of this is to catch you once the brand new purchase feel has worn off and ensure every aspect when exactly as you had imagined - or better. Small or large your suggestions shape an even better experience for those coming after you.

  5. Kings Valet is Readily Available + Gives You the Cellphone Number of an Owner You read that right. Starting as soon as you receive your estimate for Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet - you will have my cell-phone number. I am available 7-7 Monday to Saturday to answer ANY questions you have. My goal is to build a relationship with you - not for you to feel like just another sale.

New Tesla Ceramic Coating in Indiana


  1. Kings Valet Donates 10% of Gross Sales to Charity Stephen and I were raised to give back anytime an opportunity presented itself. We use our business to fulfill our philanthropic goals. Some of the causes we supported last year include Center for the Homeless, Hockey 4 Life, Cultivate and a Healing Hope. Just one more reason to feel GREAT about your Ceramic Coating.

  2. Kings Valet Provides Easy Access to Continued Education In 2023 my target is 200 Ceramic Coating industry focused blog posts. I will be covering everything from the basics (what Ceramic Coating is and does) to in-depth (proper maintenance and comparisons to other versions of paint protection). If you ever have a question - ASK! Someone else likely has the same exact question.

New Vehicle Ceramic Coating Near Me - Kings Valet

In Conclusion:

I know this was a ton of information. The cliff notes? Kings Valet genuinely cares about you and your Ceramic Coating Experience; even if it's not with us. We have you covered from the day you get curious about what a Ceramic Coating is to the day you are bringing us a 4th new vehicle because the experience has been that remarkable. Our ultimate goal is you knowing you and your vehicle are in good hands; for life.

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I hope you have a blessed day!

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