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[2023] Ceramic Coating Your Car At Home Part 1: Wash + Decon | Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet

Updated: Jan 19

This walkthrough is designed to help you with a Hand Wash and Decontamination. This is in preparation for Installing a DIY Ceramic Coating. If you are looking to take care of an existing coating - please refer to this post on "How to Clean Your Ceramic Coating at Home"

One Quick Note: YOU'VE GOT THIS! If it ever feels overwhelming, reach out. I will always do my best to answer questions or help you troubleshoot an existing problem. My contact is at the end of this post.

Supplies Needed to Hand-Wash and Decontaminate Your Vehicle:

Wash Supplies: 2 Buckets, 2 Grit Guards, 1+ Microfiber Wash Mitts, Car Wash Soap, Large Microfiber Towel or Shammy (For Drying), Foam Cannon (not required, but suggested)

Decon Supplies: 2-4 High GSM Microfiber Towels, Iron-Decon Spray, Clay Bar, A Quick Detailer or Clay Lube

As a professional shop we have used many suppliers. We have found impeccable service provided by Autoality. The majority of these links are to their website. None of these are "sponsored", "affiliate links" or any other type of paid promotional link - IE we make NO money suggesting them. Also, they typically run sales around every major holiday, you're welcome.

Some of the specific supplies we used follow: Autofiber Dreadnaught XL Drying Towel (Here), Microfiber Wash Mitt (Here), McKee's 37 Ceramic Auto Wash (Here), Mr Everything Microfiber Towels (Here), Grit Guard (Here)

Step-by-Step Guide: The 2-Bucket Method With Paint Decontamination

For this Hand-Wash and Decontamination walkthrough I am assuming normal dirt and debris, not fresh off a mudding trip.

  1. Park the vehicle in shade

  2. Grab your two 5 gallon buckets, grit guards, soap and wash mitts. Fill one bucket with just water (rinse bucket), the other with soap, wash mitts and grit guard.

  3. A) If using Foam Cannon - Now is the time to suds up! (Follow your selected soap's dilution instructions) B) If you are NOT using a foam cannon, rinse your vehicle top to bottom.

  4. Use a wash mitt to apply soap and scrub (top to bottom).

  5. Every couple panels rinse your wash mitt in the rinse bucket, then saturate in the soap bucket again.

  6. Rinse vehicle top to bottom

  7. Spray the vehicle with your preferred Iron-Decontamination Spray. This Spray will turn purple / dark-red as it breaks down iron. In most cases; it is safe for your vehicles rims as well. (Follow Directions on the bottle for proper application process and soak time)

  8. Repeat Steps 3-6

  9. Dry vehicle with your Dreadnaught towel or Shammy

  10. Spray Clay Lube / Quick Detailer onto one panel at a time (liberally)

  11. Flatten clay into an easily workable shape for you. Scrub the panel that has been sprayed with lubricant. If it starts to dry - add more spray.

  12. Repeat Steps 10 and 11 until the entire vehicle has been clay barred.

  13. Repeat Steps 3-6 (Yes, 3 Total washes and rinses)

  14. Dry vehicle one final time

  15. Kings Valet suggests using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) with a microfiber towel for cleaning glass. LESS is more when cleaning glass.

  16. Miss a spot? The above IPA mix is GREAT for touch-ups.

*Pro Tip - This is also the proper preparation for application of a wax or sealer.*

In Conclusion: If this feels overwhelming - reach out to me! I love to help you achieve the results you desire. I can be contacted at or 574.347.4445. There is absolutely no cost for this call - My Brother and I prioritize education over anything else in this industry. We can get over the obstacle(s) together!

Once you are finished with the Wash + Decontamination Phase of Installing your DIY Ceramic Coating at Home, please continue on to: Polishing

As always - I Hope you have a blessed day!

Pssst: If this just seems like way too much work... Get More Information on the Kings Valet Lifetime Ceramic Coating Program Here. Lifetime Warranty, FREE Maintenance for Life and a 200% Money Back Guarantee. Kings Valet is based in Mishawaka and offers pick-up and delivery to all Michiana.

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