Parking Services

Professional Services can make use of every inch of space at your special event or business.

Kings Valet was founded by family and carry all of those principles into every aspect of their work. Their belief in honesty, integrity, and willingness to exceed expectations has fostered many long term relationships with establishments in the South Bend area. Kings Valet is poised to solve all of your parking quandaries with a touch of class and no stress. The company specializes in hotels and events, but they have an extensive list of parking services offered. Every valet need is unique and the bid will be based on the customer / establishment desires for- Price, Pace, Distance to parking, and Type of event. Kings Valet carries coverage no less then $1M "General Liability" and $1M "Garage Keeper Liability." Ask about SMS Valet and their ticket free (no contact), rapid return options for your establishment (Kings Valet does not own the rights to SMS Valet).

Services Offered:

Hotels • Restaurant • Private Events • Casinos • Hospitals • Country Clubs • Lot Management • Lot Attendants • And More..

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