Paint Correction and Protection by Kings Valet

Paint Correction is a term thrown around on the internet forums, in advertising, at detail shops, during car meets – in short; constantly. Have you ever wondered what the term Paint Correction (or Paint Enhancement) means? Kings Valet answers the top 6 questions (and a couple bonuses) on this page. If they missed something – send George an email at 

First – What is (and isn’t) Paint Correction?

When Kings Valet mentions Paint Correction they are referring to the process of removing defects from paint; not repainting. Kings Valet can permanently fix swirl marks, light scratches, spider-webs, orange peel and scuffs / paint transfer. Because of the belief of staying with one primary focus Kings Valet does not do any form of repainting – ie. rock chips, deep scratches, crows feet or failing clear coats.

Top 5 Questions Related to Paint Correction

Polish Versus Paint Correction

Polish (“Paint Enhancement”) is designed to add shine, not remove defects. Most polishes do not contain abrasives and when polishing it is traditional to use a very soft backing pad. Even polishes with abrasives only remove very fine marring; not defects like scratches or swirl marks. 

Paint Correction uses compounds that have abrasives present to remove microscopic amounts of clear coat; thus eleminating defects. Paint Correction also uses a “harder” (more dense) system of pads to create more friction.

When to Get Paint Correction?:

When you think you have dull paint is the most common time. Dull paint is caused by a poor reflection (called refraction) when any light is reflected through the clear coat. Refraction: Think of a spoon in a cup of water.  Correcting paint defects is done through removing a microscopically thin layer of clear coat. Think of polishing a diamond.

What is the Process of Paint Correction?

Depending on the level of correction desired it may involve multiple compounds (low and high grit).

MOST of Kings Valet’s Clients find a single step of compounding removes anything they can see with the naked eye. For this level of paint correction Kings Valet will use a medium compound on a cutting pad (typically orange). They will work 4×4 sections at medium arm speed, medium-high arm pressure and medium-high head speed (on buffer). Kings Valet works in a cross hatch pattern to ensure full and even coverage. They then wipe off the excess coating. Kings Valet then repeats the process with polish to add shine. Polish is applied with a black foam pad (polishing pad), at medium-high speed (arm and buffer head) and light pressure. 

A single step of correction + polish with remove about 80% of total defects from the clear coat. It adds an immense amount of gloss back.

What is Wet Sanding?

Wet-sanding is something you will love today and hate in a decade. Wet sanding is excatly what it sounds like; soapy water and a block with sand paper attached. Spray a little soap water on vehicle and sand from coarse to fine (typically 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 then 3000). 

Wet-sanding is an extremely aggressive way to fix defects. It is the only fix for “orange-peel” and may seem like a great choice on your vehicle right now, but… You are removing YEARS of life on your vehicle’s clear coat. Kings Valet heavily advocates against fixing orange peel as EVERY vehicle produced today has it and the reward is not worth the sacrifice.

New cars are also being produced with less and less paint / clear coat. Average measurement to metal is only 4 mils on a New Car. A decade ago this was 6-7 mils. The only application for wet-sanding Kings Valet supports is spot touch up. If you have one area on your vehicle that has a couple deeper beauty marks it would be worth it. Anyone who suggests wet sanding an entire vehicle should be avoided; UNLESS said vehicle is being entered in professional competitions.

Is Paint Correction Worth It?

Without sounding too bias – Kings Valet absolutely believes a defect-free; shiny car is worth it. If they didn’t – Paint Correction and Paint Protection (Ceramic Coatings) – wouldn’t be their only offering. Paint Correction is a permanent fix; not some cheap filler like wax. 

When would Kings Valet suggest against paint correction? If you don’t plan to fix the behavior that lead to the defects. The leading two causes are means using brush based car washes and poor drying methods (like using a bath towel). Our goal is to educate; if you want to move forward with Paint Enhancement – we WILL help guide you to maintaining the new deep gloss.

The Paint Correction and Protection Package

Kings Valet Designed this package to check all the boxes; Remove 80%+ of defects from your paint and apply a layer of protection of your new glossy surface. The following is included:

Full Exterior Detail
Single Step of Correction + Polish
Ispopropyl Alcohol Bath (Panel Prep)
Application of 2 Year Coating to all Paint

Starting at only $749!

Paint Correction and Protection Package Questions 

How Does Booking Work?

It all starts with a quote! George will send a copy over to you that basically duplicates the package information from above. The only factor that affects “Starting at” price is the size of the vehicle. Yes, larger vehicles cost slightly more because they take longer to paint correct. If you are happy with said estimate – you simply click “accept” and will be emailed more instructions. 

Can I Upgrade The Coating?

Absolutely! Kings Valet Offers a 5 Year and and a Lifetime Ceramic Coating. Either may be substituted in the paint correction and protection package.

Can I Get ONLY Paint Correction?

The Short answer: No.

The Longer answer: We are a Ceramic Coating company and do not offer stand alone detailing or paint correction services. We pride ourselves on LONG-TERM solutions, not band-aid fixes. If you were to paint correct a vehicle and NOT protect it after – damage would return earlier than either you or Kings Valet desired. 

What If I Want a MORE In-depth Paint Correction

This is a question we get VERY often. Day of your appointment we will wash you vehicle to remove any wax or sealants on the surface. We then preform what’s called a “Test-Spot”. The purpose of the test spot is to show you on YOUR vehicle exactly what is included in your package and possible upgrades. This is done through 3 pictures: Original Paint, Included Correction and Additional Step of Paint Correction. OVER 95% of the time a single step (what is included) is all our clients end up wanting. It works wonders; we promise.