Our Start (and Restart)

A "Blog Post" - By George Hunt

I believe in transparency - We are a new detailing company - COVID 2020 new. New=inexperienced; Turn and run right? Let me explain...

I have been in the Hospitality industry since I was 14; started doing Valet Parking at 18 (31 now). There is nothing I love more then serving others. The day I took my first job parking cars - I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I worked for in-house valet services for a bit over a decade before discovering someone offering it as a 3rd party contractor while living in Myrtle Beach, SC (2016). I was mind blown. My wife and I (at the time fianc√©) were moving out to the Chicago area in 2018 for her to peruse another degree at Columbia College. I knew right then this was my chance! I called my brother and said "Fall of 2018 you are moving with me to South Bend, IN and we are going to start a valet parking company."

After some calculation of the risk (he is an accountant) he took a shot with me. Thanks to Mark McDonnell we got our start at Lasalle Grill right downtown on October 15, 2018. Within 1 year we had contracted with two major hotel brands and multiple event venues. We had done it! You all know where to story goes from here... Corona virus struck the US early 2020 and our business halted overnight- minimal money saved because how fast we were expanding. We had just hired a ton of staff and preached we were a family business and we would always take care of them because they were our business. What could we do????

Enter the solution-

Detailing. Its what I had pulled my brother away from in NC. He had been managing the detail portion of a Cadillac dealership for about 6 years. We had hired another gentleman with the valet company (our now GM) Larry Carter; who had two decades of experience. The team all around adds about 20 more years of experience to that total. We had always planned on adding this to our brand, the virus just sped it up. So here we are, transitioned from parking cars to cleaning them. We may be a new shop - but we are not new to handling luxury vehicles or to serving others.

We had developed many relationships while doing Valet Parking. I cannot thank those of you who are still continuously supporting us.

I want to leave you on this note:
‚ÄčAbove all else I believe in exceeding expectations - No one has ever been wowed by simply receiving the services they requested. At every fork in the road my goal for this company is exceed your perceived value of every minute and dollar spent with us. This is so much more then another detail shop, please give us a chance to prove it.

574.347.4445 | kingsvaletind@gmail.com | 1002 S Lafayette Blvd, South Bend, IN 46601

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