Free Maintenance for Life!

Every Experience EXCEEDS Expectations


This phrase guides EVERY decision Stephen and I make for Kings Valet. Our goal is to have you experience a level of customer service and care that is no longer prevalent in the auto industry. You invested; or are considering investing with us – now we want to invest in you.

When you invested in a Ceramic Coating with Kings Valet – Stephen and I promised you a vehicle that looked BETTER than show room new for years to come. How can that be if the car isn’t kept clean, right? Because of this, Kings Valet offers… 

FREE Exterior Details for Life!

Stephen and I want your vehicle looking great before the big family reunion, right after the road trip, for your niece’s wedding coming up…  Whatever the occasion Kings Valet has you covered! On the form below you can book a FREE 11-Step Exterior Detail once per quarter! 

​This program is ONLY available to Kings Valet’s Coating Customers. If you have not had your Coating installed by Kings Valet yet – Click Here to Request a Quote.

How Does the Free Ceramic Coating Maintenance Program Work?

Once per quarter you will get a free maintenance detail on your Ceramic Coated Vehicle. This means you can schedule one appointment January – March, April – June, July – September and October – December. 

What is Included in the Free Maintenance Appointment?

An 11 Step Exterior Detail. pH Neutral Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Iron Remover, Rim Detail, Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Heated Dry, Glass Cleaned and Tire Shine

Is There Rollover on Free Maintenance Appointment?

Unfortunately, there is no rollover, stacking or transferring appointments. The good news – if you missed one, you are already in a new quarter! This means you can book right away.

Why Did Kings Valet Start This Free Maintenance Program?

“You are our most important client” – We always want you to feel this way. Part of this feeling is provided by adding more value than you can imagine. This is one small way we have tried to display our investment in you after you invested in us. 

What Happens During My Free Annual Inspection?

Kings Valet will check the integrity of your Ceramic Coating. We ensure that you are keeping with the warranty; ie no setting the hood on fire or aggressive wash methods. We apply a free topper ceramic topper, answer any questions or concerns you may have and send you off to another year of peace of mind!

When Do I Need to Get My Annual Inspection?

The calendar year after installation between April and June. Meaning if you book your coating experience in January of 2023 your first required annual inspection is in April – June of 2024. If you booked your coating in August of 2022 your first inspection would be April – June of 2023. 

How Do I Book My Free Annual Inspection?

Simply book a free maintenance appointment on the form below during April, May or June. A Ceramic Topper is included so please do not add it to the appointment.

Do I "Have" to Participate in the Free Maintenance for Life Program?

Only once per year for your Annual Inspection. The rest of the Program is just an added offering.