Not Just Another Average Ceramic Coating Company

Kings Valet is an Exceptional and Unique Experience

Meet [Average] Joe. He bought a new car last month. His car made him feel GREAT when he bought it. Now the shine is fading a little; the dirt is sticking… everywhere. While the car is still a good investment – choosing just to wax was a subpar decision. The constant reapplication is a never ending rat race. Yuck.


[Average] Joe secretly dreads a few months from now when he’s paying on a dull ride. If only there was some one or something that could have helped Joe avoid this inevitable decline: after all you shouldn’t have to suffer the same fate.¬†Meet Kings Valet. We don’t want to be the Hero of YOUR journey, but rather just your humble guide. After all, everyone from Luke Skywalker to Shrek has utilized a guide; so we ask.. can we be your Yoda or Donkey?