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A first impression is made in under 7 seconds. What does your car say about you?  You are likely thinking - "Okay, so what? I want to know why I should trust you to clean my car". 

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” - Sally Koch

Most companies will play heavily on experience in the industry or “family owned and operated”, we only mention it as an introduction. In our company culture our problem with the phrase “It’s not my job” is addressed. From entry-level workers to the highest skilled positions chant or display this attitude on a daily basis. While most of these people are probably right when they say it, just meeting expectations will never impress anyone. We believe in exceeding expectations at every turn. We don’t just offer an empty “satisfaction guaranteed” - if you aren’t blown away we will do more than “make it right.”

Thank you in advance for considering Kings Valet. 

26 Point Exterior (Highlights):

  • Rinse + Foam Cannon + Hand Wash / Dry (PH Neutral Soap)

  • Exterior Glass + Jambs Cleaned

  • Hand Wax*

  • Tires Detailed and Dressed

  • Exterior Plastics Dressed

*Single Stage Polish can added for a slight upcharge

Paint Correction:
This package varies widely based on your needs and will require a consultation. It is designed to treat swirls, spiderwebs, scuffs, holograms, light scratching. Inclusions may vary from a single stage buff and wax to a 3 or 4 stage buff. For paint with deep scratches (can feel with a thumb nail) or body damage we can refer out the work (we get no commission on this work). With all paint correction a paint decontamination package will be required. 

26 Point Interior (Highlights):

  • Door Jambs and Glass Cleaned

  • Deep Clean and Dress all plastics (dash, door panels, etc)

  • Deep Clean and Condition Leather / Shampoo and Extract Cloth

  • Vacuum + Compressed Air for the hard to reach (Tornador)

  • Scent of Choice added upon completion

*please remove large objects from trunk and vehicle prior to service

Ceramic Coating:
We encourage you to read more on these inclusions [click here]. Ceramic Coatings come in many shapes and sizes. We are certified with Ceramic Pro and System-X. We have entry level packages like Ceramic Pro Sport that last six months to to a year. The packages range up to System-X Diamond or Ceramic Pro Gold which are lifetime packages. All Ceramic Coatings require a Paint Decontamination, and we always recommend Paint Correction. Most of these coatings will permanently seal any defects in the paint.

Paint Decontamination (Add-on Service)*:

  • Rinse +  Foam Cannon + Hand Wash / Dry (PH Neutral Soap)

  • Clay Bar

  • Isopropyl Alcohol Bath 

  • Americana Stripper (For oil and residue)

*This package is traditionally used prior to Paint Correction or Ceramic Coating - You will notice it does not include wax or any type of a sealing product.

Ceramic Coated Maintenance Detail*:

  • Rinse +  Foam Cannon + Hand Wash / Dry (PH Neutral Soap)

  • Tires Detailed and Dressed

  • Express Interior Vacuum + All Glass

  • Dress Interior Plastic 

*Must have had your vehicle detailed in past 30 days for this package. Ceramic Coating must be current. (Ex. not valid after 9 months on a 6 month rated coating.)

All our packages are custom quoted based on many factors. Some of these include vehicle size, soiling of vehicle (pet hair or stains). We offer many add on services such as engine bay cleaning, glass treatment, headlight restoration and interior fabric / leather protections. We are competitively priced for the services we offer. In nearly all instances when our clients have "shopped around" they have found this to be true. Simply click "Book Now" below and you will be taken to a form so you can receive a quote. Typically we respond with-in the same business day. 

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