Ceramic Pro - For Your Home

For a moment picture the two or three worst projects that have to be cleaned on a routine basis. If I had to guess the entire bathroom made the list? You probably also included things like the stove? Refrigerator? Maybe you already have a cleaner on a bi-weekly routine, but do not like how dirty it gets between cleans?  What if all these tasks could be made virtually painless - without being painful on the bank account? I am here to break the old cliché of -"If it's to good to be true, its probably not true." The solution...

Ceramic Pro Coatings.


Products that can PROTECT Bathrooms, Textile, Leather, Countertops, Grills, Furniture and on and on and on...

What is a “Ceramic Pro” 


Ceramic Pro is a clear and multi-layerable; liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield - with a HIGH gloss finish. Ceramic Pro was initially designed for the exterior paint on cars and planes - It has evolved far beyond. Ceramic Pro has released specialized products for everything from leather and textile protection to shower and countertop applications.

Why Kings Valet for your Ceramic Pro Installation?

Countertops are our specialty! I worked in the granite / quartz industry for nearly a decade doing installations, fabrication and sales of countertops. I know nearly every "sealant" sold on the market - You'll be lucky on granite if a top of the line sealant lasts - 3 months? Ceramic Pro is so much more!

As mentioned earlier - we are trained and tested extensively to install a wide variety of Ceramic Pro Products - No this is not a one chemical treat all. We are local to you. We personally warranty all of our own work. No 1-800 numbers to call and weeks to wait just for a refund and no solution to the issue. Always a call away - when I am onsite the number I give you on my business card is my personal number. 

Can I just buy the chemicals and do it myself?

The simple answer is no. Our company has undergone extensive training and certification to install Ceramic Pro. CP is the number one brand world wide for nano-coatings. (Installed in 74 countries)  We are a company who believe in full transparency - There are likely over 100 consumer grade ceramic products. I cannot speak to their quality, life span, etc. I can however tell you that prior to ANY ceramic application you must do an alcohol / clay bar treatment to ensure a proper bond. This is why I always recommend professional grade products that include this entire process when quoted. Ceramic Pro can be warrantied for 10+ years depending on product used.

Some Benefits

  • Maintains the pristine look of stainless Steel and prevents fingerprints and water stains.

  • Reduces staining and scratching on expensive stones like marble and granite.

  • Maintains a sanitary surface on countertops, appliances and all other food preparation surfaces.

  • Repels liquids, thereby protecting fabrics from stains and discoloration.

  • Eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals while cleaning.

  • Prevents mineral water marks in glass showers.

  • Creates an ultra-slick surface which allows cleaning to be extremely easy.

  • Shields your outdoor grill and furniture from harsh weather elements such as sun or rain.

  • Prevents marker or paint from adhering to the surface thanks to its anti-graffiti properties.

First Time Customer Special- $99 Per Shower!

This will include 3 interior walls (tile, glass, acrylic or any other surface) coated.

We can add a 4th surface for an additional $49 - This includes shower liners! No more mildew!

6 Month Warranty through Kings Valet (Local to South Bend)

Call Today:


We cannot coat any type of floor (including base of tub) - This is a slick product.

Showers must be deep cleaned prior to our application. 

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