Imagine not having to worry about the negative effects of every season on your car. Maybe you're driving the kids home from soccer practice and your car is covered in bugs instantly. Maybe you don't have kids and your car is your salt covered transportation to and from work all winter. Acid etching on your paint and clear coat; good luck at resale. What if there was a solution in both of these (and more)? What if this "solution" reported to Carfax automatically? 

I want to address some common questions and objections - then maybe even throw in an offer for your time (worth up to $525). These selections are meant to just scratch the surface, at the end of most sections will be a link. Simply click it to get more information. Now let's dive in!

Is there a difference?

My more specific focus here is "professional" grade versus "consumer" grade ceramic products. I have encountered and removed many of the cheaper box store products prior to a permanent coating. The best of these brands does an amazing job covering blemishes on the surface. It has a high gloss (all of them will) and initially is hydrophobic. This "sio2 infused" coating has an ok lifespan of a couple weeks to probably ninety days - depending on normal factors. So what's the problem?

This stuff is not permanent. In-fact, I stock a chemical that can completely remove it in 45 seconds, with NO elbow grease. This brand is no stronger then a wax for chemical resistance (salt, bugs, bird droppings, etc). It carries no scratch resistance and loses its hydrophobic effect rapidly. For perspective the same chemical I use to remove this coating (or any other consumer grade ceramic), merely CLEANS a professional grade coating. A professional grade coating will take days to remove - through wet sanding and buffing.

A true professional grade coating rarely comes in a bottle bigger then a Advil bottle. Everything else is filler you are buying. A large portion of the sheen of a professional brand like Ceramic Pro is produced in the paint correction process. The professional coating can be compared to laying a permanent flexible glass shield over your corrected (or new) paint. "Applying lipstick to a pig" comes to mind when I see ceramic coatings (pro or consumer) applied to damaged paint. 

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Our team has four decades of industry direct experience. You will get it done right - the first time. We have not only seen it all, we have fixed it all. From a "do-it-yourselfer" using ​steel wool for tough grime to the "I run it through the car wash five times a week"; just to name a couple. My personal favorite is fixing the "'John' quoted me half that price!" jobs. Not all detail shops are created equal. We are not a shop that does dent repair, auto starts, tint, and on and on and on. My belief is to focus on one area and be an expert at it.

We specialize in three things:
​1) Ceramic Pro (Certified Installers) 
2) Paint Correction
3) Auto Detailing 

(I do however have wonderful partnerships with professionals in those fields)

A Common Objection:

This isn't meant for me...

​Is the first thing you think when you hear "Ceramic Coating," - this meant for Porsche, not my car? Wrong! While we are experts are handling high-end vehicles, this is not an exclusive product! Our company has focused and tailored our offerings to be all-inclusive. Way more Toyota vehicles are sold per year than Rolls-Royce. This is the same as restaurants serve more than a NY strip, we have many offers ranging in benefits and price. No matter the "class" of your vehicle you are here because you want to protect your investment, right? A friend, family member or an advertisement drove you here - and you were at least curious? This is a photo of one of our best customers, Ms. Patricia Williams. She recognizes her investment has many years left and wants the best for her car. She came in for a Ceramic Pro Sport application and left the same day; a smile on her face and a vehicle protected ALL winter!

 Biggest Confusion:

Wax vs Ceramic Coating

I beg you, please stop waxing and start protecting! For years football players wore no helmets. As time progressed they shifted to leather helmets. Now because scientific breakthroughs in safety; football players are wearing technologically advanced helmets. Wax came decades into the auto industry and is the "leather helmet". It requires constant reapplication, provides only some sheen and virtually no resistance to oxidation or corrosion. Plain and simple wax is out dated technology; prior to Ceramic Pro we sold a TON of wax. The benefits of professionally installed ceramic coatings are endless. They truly are the new-age helmets of the coating industry. They will protect your vehicle from every minor "injury" imaginable and act sacrificial for the big stuff. Check out the images below- first wax, than Ceramic Pro.

Mind-blowing right?
​Now, with no further adieu - the question you likely want to know more than anything else...

Most Frequently Searched Question: 

How much does it cost?

Neither popular search engines; nor I, can give you an exact price until I know your specific needs. I can however let you know this is made for your budget. Our packages start at just $299. When consumers see the huge range in pricing on Google they tend to wonder why? A large part of the cost is paint correction and preparation. The price variation comes as most professional shops (ours included) charge $60+ per hr of paint correction. Estimating hours spent to repair is not only unique to many factors, but also impossible to do unless in-person.  Our sport package requires no major paint correction (it is a semi-permanent ceramic coating); making it an extremely popular option. This package is only $299. It will provide 6+ months of paint protection from things such as road salt, bird droppings and bug build up - with a super glossy finish. This truck is coated with "Sport" and is ready for the upcoming seasons!

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So you made is this far and my father said I should always be a man of my word

The Offer

The FREE offers are as follows:

Tier 1- Free Exterior Detail ($175+ Value)

Tier 2 - Free Exterior Detail + Paint Decontamination ($325+ Value)

Tier 3- Free Complete Detail + Paint Decontamination ($525+ Value)

Simply fill out the form for a no-obligation; free consultation. I will contact you with-in 24 hours. Our offers are constantly changing and this may not be here next month.

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