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Kings Valet is a certified installer of two brands; Ceramic Pro and System X. Both of these brands follow a basic three tier system. The two companies vary slightly in delivery method and warranty length; but the benefits largely align. Both companies report to Carfax; so this truly is an investment as you will see a return. They are the only two companies currently offering this benefit and it is why we selected them (out of 5 professional brands). Believe it or not, the following information is the "short version". This is why we bring in all potential clients; explain the offerings more in-depth, truly gauge their needs and build the right package for them. We do not list prices as so there are countless factors that adjust the quote. Obvious things from vehicle size and package level, to the less obvious like black GM paint is harder to work with than silver ford paint (just an example). 

This video is unedited and was filmed on the fly to showcase two lesser known ceramic coating offerings offered by us. "Wheel and Caliper" and "Glass" are both mentioned in the add-on coating section below. Great products that not only benefit you by making maintenance easy, but by providing an added level of safety for your family. As the video will mention, these are relatively inexpensive options we suggest even to those customers who have shown up for services other than ceramic coatings. 

Paint Packages

Add-on Coatings

Tier 1: A semi-permanent coating. Ceramic Pro Sport or System X Renew. Our company traditionally sells this coating as an introductory coating. If you have been using wax for years and want to "see it to believe it" prior to larger investment - this is what we suggest. This coating is hydrophobic (repels water) and is chemical resistant (bug guts, road salt etc). Both company's offerings have a high level of gloss.  This package level does not require paint correction (though it is still suggested). Both Ceramic Pro and System-X are ready to drive the same day.

Interior Protection: We have chemicals designed to protect both carpet and seats. We have specific coatings for cloth, coated leather and raw leather. Most of these carry a one year warranty. It protects against the winter's salt and the summer's UV rays. In the instance of spills or staining it buys more time to clean it up before it has a chance to set into the surface. We can also protect plastic from UV and light scuffs.

Tier 2: The mid level offering. Ceramic Pro Silver or System X Pro. Ceramic Pro's offering is warrantied for five years, System X is for six years.  In addition to the Tier 1 benefits this includes a 9H+ rating. Layman's terms for 9H+ - It is a hardness rating (Moh's Scale). This is a scale from 1-10H for hardness; glass falls at a 5H and diamonds at a 10H . This simply means the coating is more resistant to scratches (any one who tells you it will not scratch - turn and run).  System X is a same day turn around still, Ceramic Pro will need to be in our shop for 5 to 6 days (then garage kept 5 more). The aforementioned timeline does not include paint correction labor.

Glass Protection: We offer two variances on this package, front three pieces of glass or all pieces of glass. This ceramic coating protects for up to a year. It beads and wicks water off the glass without the use of wipers (basically Rain-X on steroids). Makes it easy to remove hard water spots (a simple wipe). We encourage everyone (even not ceramic coating clients) to purchase this package as it greatly increases your safety in the elements (especially in winter).

Tier 3: Highest level of offering from both companies. Ceramic Pro Gold or System X Diamond. This is where the "delivery method" changes a bit. Ceramic Pro was designed to be layered so additional layers of 9H will be applied. System X is not a layered product and is delivered through the evaporation of alcohol leaving the coating behind. Their top tier product contains more SIO2. Both come with lifetime warranties. The timeline for tier 3 closely resembles tier 2. 

Rims / Calipers: This offering also carries a one year warranty. The package is designed to protect chrome (or any other rim) from brake dust and chemicals (salt) from eating away at your investment. Both of these hassles simply wipe off! This coating is high gloss and hydrophobic.

The Offer

The FREE offers are as follows:

Tier 1- Free Exterior Detail ($175+ Value)

Tier 2 - Free Exterior Detail + Paint Decontamination ($325+ Value)

Tier 3- Free Complete Detail + Paint Decontamination ($525+ Value)

Simply fill out the form for a no-obligation; free consultation. I will contact you with-in 24 hours. Our offers are constantly changing and this may not be here next month.

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