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2022 Chevy C8.R with Ceramic Coating Applied to FULL Exterior and FULL Interior. Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet located in Mishawaka and offers pick-up and delivery to all of Michiana.

1714 E 12th St Mishawaka, IN 46544

Kings Valet is Michiana's Choice for Ceramic Coating Installation.

Are You Ready for Peace of Mind?

This Could Be You!

Kings Valet has installed 150+ Ceramic Coatings in 2022. They Specialize in New and Luxury.
Are You Next? 

(Scroll Down for Hundreds of Photos of Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet)

Luxury Vehicle Ceramic Coating Specialists

Kings Valet had the pleasure of Ceramic Coating not just 1, but 2 2022 Chevy C8.R (Only 1,000 Produced). They have worked on many other high-end / luxury vehicles. 

New Tesla Ceramic Coating

Kings Valet is your Local Tesla Coating Expert! It may look like this gallery repeats, but Kings Valet coated 5 separate Model Y's in 2022 - all silver metallic and upgraded rims. Your Model S, Model Y, Model S or Model X will be in great hands with Kings Valet!

New Car Ceramic Coating

Kings Valet Loves New Cars. Kings Valet focuses on New Vehicle Protection above all else. 100+ of the Vehicles Kings Valet Ceramic Coated in 2022 were... Models Years 2022 or 2023. Most of the high-end vehicles appear in the luxury section - this is a tribute to the dailys!

New Truck Ceramic Coating

Kings Valet didn't forget about the trucks! New Trucks put Ceramic Coating to the test more than any other vehicle. The results speak for themselves. Time and time again truck owners return to Kings Valet talk about how easy it was to maintain.

What About Classics?

While Kings Valet chooses to focus on New Vehicles - Most Classic Car owners have new vehicles. Kings Valet Ceramic Coats their New Car or Truck, then inevitably the question on classic cars and garage queens comes up. YES, Kings Valet will Paint Correct and Ceramic Coat Classic Cars.

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