Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coatings bond with your car's clear coat and forms a long lasting, high shine "Nano Coat" barrier. Ceramic Coatings repel water, environmental factors and even prevents lackluster. It protects, enhances and strengthens one of your most valued investments. 

Imagine not having to worry about the negative effects from daily life on your car. What if there was a solution reported to Carfax automatically? Professional Ceramic Coating is the solution.

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What are Ceramic Coatings?


Detailing By Kings Valet has four decades of industry direct experience. We will get it done right and on the first time. We have not only seen it all, we have fixed it all. Not all detail shops are created equal. We are not a shop that does dent repair, auto starts and tint.  Our belief is to focus on one area and be an expert at it. 

Common Questions and Answers

about Ceramic Coatings

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Ceramic Coating / PTFE Packages

Kings Valet is a certified installer of two paint protection systems. System-X (Ceramic) and UndrDog (PTFE) both follow a tiering system.  More information is provided by clicking on the photos below.

Add-On Coatings

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