Kings Valet Offers is Home of the Lifetime Ceramic Coating Program.

30 Days to 30 years; You’ll Have Peace of Mind for as Long as You Own Your Vehicle.

Are You Unsure Where to go in Niles for Paint Protection on Your New or Luxury Vehicle?

Attention Niles, Michigan! Are you tired of your new car losing its shine and looking dull within just a few months of purchase? Do you want to protect your investment and keep your ride looking brand new for years to come? Then it’s time to consider ceramic coating! Ceramic coating is a protective layer that is applied to the exterior of your car, creating a barrier against harsh weather, UV rays, and other harmful elements. 

This durable coating also repels dirt, grime, and water, making cleaning your car a breeze. Don’t settle for a dull and faded car, invest in ceramic coating and keep your ride looking showroom fresh! 

Kings Valet IS Ceramic Coating!

When you are craving a tender, juicy steak and want the best service – do you dine at…

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Kings Valet is the ONLY company in the Michiana area so invested in Professional Grade Ceramic Coating Installation that they have their own brand! Yes, their own IN-HOUSE brand of Ceramic Coating. Kings Valet Ceramic Coating is the ULTIMATE in Gloss, Protection and Ease of Maintenance.

New Car Specialists

Kings Valet Focuses on New and Luxury Vehicle Paint Protection. It is essential that the day you pick up from the dealership – you have already planned for a Ceramic Coating. The faster you protect, the lower the cost. 

Upgrade to a Lifetime Coating!

This Program includes Free Maintenance for Life, a 200% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!

This Program includes Free Maintenance for Life, a 200% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!

Benefits of a New Vehicle Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet

Incredibly Easy to Clean

Owners of New Cars see their vehicles as a prized possession (rightfully so). Is there anything more nerve wracking than trying to keep a New Vehicle looking… well, new? A Lifetime Ceramic Coating Program from Kings Valet will help preserve not only the paint, but the entire exterior of your car. Throw out your box of 28 different chemicals. No wax, no sealants – no more headache! Soap, rinse and dry. The end!

Extremely High Gloss

Paintwork on New Vehicles is not what it used to be – Unfortunately, this includes Teslas, Corvettes and Camrys a like. The good news? Kings Valet includes an enhancement polish with every Ceramic Coating!  A Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet will have you at the level of shine and gloss your deserve! The best news? Sunlight reflects better for years meaning higher gloss. Seal in that amazing New Car look with Kings Valet. See the Showroom!

Peace of Mind - For a Lifetime

Serene. This is the one word answer to describe how you will feel after getting your Lifetime Ceramic Coating. Your Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet cures as a hard hydrophobic protective layer. Mother nature does not stand a chance against your Paint Protection. Bird droppings, bug guts and hard water will NOT etch your paint! Even when left for days, they can be easily polished off your Ceramic Coating. Free Maintenance for Life is included – this is why we say “It’s not just a package – its a program.”

Ceramic Coating is an Investment That You WON'T Regret!

Kings Valet is so confident in this fact – they offer an up to 200% money back guarantee!

The Best Paint Protection Option Near Niles

If you live in Niles, Michigan and are considering ceramic coating for your vehicle, Kings Valet is the place to go. Ceramic coating is a highly effective way to protect your vehicle’s paint from damage and maintain its pristine appearance for years to come. Kings Valet uses only the highest-quality products and techniques to ensure that your vehicle receives the best possible protection.

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Niles, MI

Kings Valet also offers the convenience of pick-up and delivery to Niles, Michigan. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to drop off and pick up your vehicle. Kings Valet’s team will come to you, pick up your vehicle, and deliver it back to you once the ceramic coating process is complete.