Everything You Never Needed to Know About Ceramic Coating… And More!

Success comes from Service to Others – Part of the core values for Kings Valet includes education. This blog is designed to answer some of the harder questions in relation to Ceramic Coatings. Kings Valet also aims to shed light on some of the darker parts of the industry. Yes, Ceramic Coatings has the same snake oil salesman and crooks that are present in every industry. This blog is where I (George) establish a level of transparency you have likely never experienced with a company in any industry.

Some of the popular posts I have covered are: What is the Real Cost of Ceramic Coating, How to Install Ceramic Coating at Home, Professional Grade Ceramic Coating vs Consumer Grade Ceramic Coating, Is New Car Paint Protection Really Worth It and More! Want to see something covered that I haven’t written on yet? Email me: george.hunt@kingsvaletind.com

[2023] How to Clean Your Ceramic Coating at Home | Kings Valet

This is designed to be a basic overview of how to clean and maintain your new Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet. A couple general maintenance do(s) and don't(s):   Do: Hand wash method is preferred Wash in shade pH Neutral Soap or "SiO2" (Ceramic) Soaps are best choice Its okay to use touch free...