Did you try to Ceramic Coat your own vehicle? Maybe You went with the cheaper guy and are seeing some things you dislike in your new paint protection coating. No matter what the reason there is good news.

Yes “you” can remove Ceramic Coating; however I recommend that “you” is a professional.

Ceramic coating is applied and chemically bonds to the surface. Once hardened (“cured”) it requires aggressive methods to remove from the surface.  These methods are similar to what would be done during paint correction; rotary buffer, DA buffer or wet sanding. All of these methods should be left in the hands of professionals.

Whether using a dual action buffer or breaking out a wet sanding set-up; all these methdods remove the clear coat as they remove the Ceramic Coating. When done right the professional will remove a very thin layer of clear coat + the ceramic coating. 

Common Reasons To Remove Paint Protection Coatings

  • A Bad Ceramic Coating Installation
  • A Poor Quality Ceramic Coating
  • You need Paint Correction because aggressive wash methods
  • A Body Shop is repainting adjoining panels
  • You need a service like PDR (paintless dent removal) to be performed. 

The Dangers of Removing a Ceramic Coating as a Non-Professional

So what’s the danger of trying this yourself? These methods are designed to remove a clear coat; especially with sanding – it is very easy to go to far. Paint comes off much easier than it goes on.

If you are looking to remove your ceramic coating – this is not something I would recommend doing yourself. I would call a professional. Spending a few hundred (likely about $500) is MUCH cheaper than spending thousands to get your car or truck repainted at a body shop.

Still Determined to Remove a Ceramic Coating at Home?

If you have some questions I am always more than willing to help. Reach out to me at Kings Valet. Our phone number 574.347.4445 or send me an email at george.hunt@kingsvaletind.com. Hopefully this blog this post has helped you to figure out of you can remove a Ceramic Coating

Vehicle After Ceramic Coating Removal, Paint Correction and New Ceramic Coating Installed Kings Valet

Willing to Explore Using a Professional?

Thats great news. My suggestion would be to look at our Paint Correction Page as a starting point.