I have a huge belief in answering EVERY question we are asked. A question that nearly everyone hates answering – “If we couldn’t use you George (Kings Valet) – who would you recommend?” So… here it is: my in-depth answer to a few different categories in the area. I provide links to their websites/ booking forms to make it easy on you if they sound like a great fit. Hope you enjoy!

“If I Couldn’t Use Kings Valet for Ceramic Coating…”

I am a big believer in answering every question I am presented with… even the hard ones like this one. Of course I want to shout from the rooftops that no one can compare to Kings Valet, but that just isn’t the case. There are many GREAT options for Ceramic Coating in the Michiana area.

If I had to send you somewhere for Ceramic Coating where I knew you would still get amazing results – I believe my knod would be to Ben at High-Def Detailing in Elkhart. He has a very clean shop, high quality work and is loved by the Elkhart area. While he did not Ceramic Coating my new vehicle – he installed Paint Protection Film days after I bought it. I can’t begin to explain the level of care he provided while my car was in his possession. Obviously, I have high expectations being in the industry and they were all met.

How to contact Ben at High-Def Detailing:
Phone: 574.333.9976
Website: https://www.highdefdetailing.com/

What About…

The hardest question is out of the way (directly suggesting competition for our niche)… now for the easy ones! As Kings Valet ONLY offers Ceramic Coating – I have built a list of “suggested vendors” for other services. Below are a few more categories for “Best in Michiana”. I am NOT paid for any of these recommendations. This list is just a part of our goal to be your educational source for Ceramic Coatings and beyond. All of the businesses on this list come through experience; whether personal or a client we referred to them in the past. 

Best Mobile Detailer in Michiana:

Car Guys – Osceola
Phone: 574.807.5763
Website: https://www.carguysclean.com/

Carguys is a Local staple in Michiana. They are the longest running detailing shop. There is always a big problem with mobile detailing in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan… they disappear in winter. This is where Carguys EASILY takes the cake; while they started mobile – they have a brick and mortar shop in Osceola as well! They really know what they are doing and the reviews of Carguys show it! If you need mobile detailing; whether because of your work schedule or you have a few garage queens you want serviced all at once, give Carguys a call.

Best Brick-and-Mortar Detailer in Michiana

Deluxe Detailing – South Bend
Phone: 574.292.8966
Website: https://www.deluxedetailllc.com/

From experience I can say – a GREAT detailer is hard to find. This industry has a relatively low threshold for entry and as such most detailers are inexperienced. They use overly toxic chemicals or miss multiple spots when servicing your vehicle. Not the guys at Deluxe Detail in South Bend. Kings Valet has referred many detailing inquiries over to South Bend for detailing at Deluxe. We like to follow-up after sending someone  to another company to make sure it is still a good referral… they shine every time! If interior or Exterior detailing is on your mind – You would likely be the next raving review for Deluxe Detail.

Best “Budget-Friendly” Detailer in Michiana

Ziebart of South Bend – South Bend
Phone: 574.232.2073
Website: https://www.ziebart.com

I hate to use the word “cheap” because no company wants to pride themselves on being the cheapest detailing near me, but they really do have a very budget friendly price point. ZIebart has established a strong SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that allows “plug and play” nationwide. This means any untrained employee can be plugged in, follow their SOP guide and produce a consistent result. Think like McDonalds or an assembly line. Efficiency reduces price. They also are able to provide a cheap ceramic coating, truck-bed liner and undercoating because of their buying power (buying in bulk).  If you are looking for a budget friendly ceramic coating / detailing.

Best “Show Car” Specialist in Michiana

Luxe Auto Spa – Niles
Phone: 630.903.8945
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LUXEAUTOSPA

The owner of this business may be slightly surprised we are mentioning him on this list; as we have bumped heads in the past. This will not stop me / Kings Valet from making the best recommendation possible. Whether just a basic detail or need to get your show car’s paint back in order – Jason, the owner of Luxe is your guy. He worked for another shop in the area for years and soon realized his talent in paint correction and broke out on his own. He opened his shop in Niles about 2 years ago and has been going strong. While he and I don’t always agree on our methods – he certainly knows how to use a sanding block to achieve as close to perfect paint as possible.

Best Tint Specialist in Michiana

Eclipse Tint – Elkhart
Website: https://www.eclipsewindowtintingelkhart.com

I recently bought a new vehicle and had never had tint done before. Not only did Eclipse do a wonderful job with installing the tint – their customer service was second to none. I never felt “dumb” for not knowing much about tint. They install a wide range of standard tint and ceramic tint. One note: I definitely recommend upgrading to a Ceramic tint. I was having issues with the interior temperature of my car and this is why I was looking at tint. Everyone I knew in the industry steered me to get ceramic tint and I couldn’t be happier with how much cooler it is; even when sitting in direct sunlight.

Best Touchless Automatic Carwash in Michiana

American Classics Carwash
Phone: 574.742.9097
Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100051800479494

There are only 2 proper ways to care for a Ceramic Coating: Two-Bucket wash method or a touch-free car wash. I have corresponded directly with the owner of American Classics Carwash in Osceola and his level of care and passion is second to none. Usually when you visit a touch-free auto wash it is dirty, deshelved and well… down right a disgusting experience. This is NOT the case at American. He works hard to cosnantly empty trash, ensure all machines / bays are operational and that you have a clean ride – all without leaving a single scratch on your ride! If you have had a Ceramic Coating installed anywhere in Michiana – American Classic is the way!

Best Undercoating / Rustproofing Near Michiana

Undercoating Near Me LLC – Mishawaka
Phone: 219.288.2336
Website: https://www.undercoatnearme.com/book-undercoating

Probably the only business I know that has accomplished the trifecta of Good, Cheap AND Fast. In about an hour you can have a multi year undercoating applied to your vehicle for under $200! Undercoating Near Me installs Corrosion Free – a drip-free, transparent and affordable rustproofing solution. It CAN be applied over existing rust to dramatically slow the spread. Undercoating Near Me offers booking exclusively online at the link above. All the vehicles I own have a rustproofing installed by Undercoating Near Me and I can vouch for no rust showing since its application.

Did I miss something?

While I do have more positive experience based referrals in the industry, I wanted to keep this list somewhat brief and mainly focused on the detailing niche. I encourage you to send me an email if you have a special need and I could connect you with a great body shop, PDR tech and more. I can be reached around the clock at george.hunt@kingsvaletind.com. Are you curious what Kings Valet has to offer? Click the button below. Hope you have a blessed day!