The 5 Year Warranty and Maintenance

Kings Valet promises the craftsmanship will be like day one. You will have a deep shine and chemical resistant layer atop all exterior surfaces that had Ceramic Coating installed. Your part is following three simple rules.

The Three Golden Rules:
1) No Setting Your Hood on Fire
2) No Using Aggressive Wash Methods
3) See Kings Valet Every Spring for an Annual Inspection

Rule One is in place because the Ceramic Coating Manufacturers show this off constantly in their ads. They, nor Kings Valet; will actually warranty for this gimmick.

Rule Two is addressing Automatic Brush Washes (Yes, even “soft touch”). These wash methods will leave swirls and scratches in your paint. The only acceptable way to wash a coated vehicle is by hand or automatic touch free. Kings Valet recommends “American Classic Car Wash” – it is the best kept automatic touch-free in the Michiana area.

Rule Three is so Kings Valet can ensure the coating is performing up to their standards. This appointment is only $149 and available below! Simply Select a date  and book a “maintenance appointment” – we will (or you can) add a “ceramic topper”. Annual Inspections are only performed April 1 – June 30. 


Breaking any of the 3 golden rules will void the Kings Valet in-house warranty. They have done their best to have zero fine print and make their expectations for you abundantly clear. This program is designed to be EASY to follow. If you have any questions please call them (574.347.4445). 

What’s not Covered?

Rock chips, dents and scratching. It is listed in plain text all over our website that Ceramic Coatings are not designed to stop any of these. Any shop that tells you different is selling you on a gimmick. (More Here)

Hydrophobic Properties are also not covered. A coating will still be functional even if the water does not “bead”. With that said- Kings Valet does include a FREE Ceramic Topper application during your Annual Inspection. This topper restores the “beading” effect.

These exclusions are not unique to Kings Valet’s Ceramic Coating, but rather are the standard across the industry.



Getting in an accident is an absolute headache, right? Kings Valet believes in adding value at every fork in the road. One way they do this is with this by re-coating up to 3 panels at absolutely no cost to you after an accident.

Booking a Maintenace Appointment