4 Pro Tips For Maintaining Ceramic Coating!

You just bought a new vehicle and had Ceramic Coating installed… Now What? 

Tip 1: Don’t Be Afraid to Clean It

A common occurrence with clients is they think the coating is “delicate” for lack of a better word. It really is not the case. Along the same lines – it can feel like you need some amazing chemicals and a 6-hour 57-step plan to get the job done. The secret, you don’t!

A big advantage of Ceramic Coating is that it is VERY easy to clean and is designed to be incredibly user friendly. Whether you only have time for a quick power wash or you are getting it ready for a show – cleaning shouldn’t be hard. One of the best products for Ceramic Coating is about $8 at any box store: Meguiars Gold Class Soap. We cover more of cleaning Ceramic Coating Here: How to Clean and Maintain a Ceramic Coating

Tips for Maintaining Your Professional Grade Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet

Tip 2: Less is More!

Make isopropyl alcohol your best friend. Why? It can handle spot cleaning ANYWHERE on your vehicle. From brake dust on your rims to bird droppings on the hood – a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water is a life saver. This mix in a spray bottle will be all you ever need to quick fixes. Cleaning glass? SINGLE spritz (unless heavy build up) and buff off with a microfiber towel. Spill some coffee on your leather seat? Once the majority of the coffee is soaked up with a towel, a couple spritz of your 50/50 mix on a microfiber and wipe the seat to remove any residue.

The less is more theory applies to “toppers” as well. Your Ceramic Coating was designed to be the top layer on your vehicle. Yes, you can apply wax / sealants over your coating BUT it is defeating the purpose. You are clogging the pores of the coating and making it less effective. A Professional Grade Ceramic Coating only needs to be topped once a year during an annual inspection. I am not saying you cannot do it more often, but the most brilliant shine you will ever see is just the original ceramic coating over a freshly paint corrected vehicle.

Tip 3: The Worst Case Problems Can Usually Be Fixed

Some things that have happened to our clients that Ceramic Coating made easy to fix:

  1. Teenage son scuffed a bumper against the garage door
  2. Hard Water from sprinkler while on a 2 week vacation
  3. Parked under a tree and go covered in sap during spring
  4. Grabbed an old bath towel to dry
  5. A friend washed the vehicle in a wash bay with a dirty brush

AND More!

Ceramic coating is NOT designed to stop scratching… Let me say that again – Ceramic Coating is NOT designed to stop scratches. Don’t believe any shop who pitches you on Ceramic Coating stopping scratches, being scratch resistant or it being a sacrificial layer… It is a load of crap.

With that said, Ceramic does make removing paint transfer, hard water spots and light scratches very easy. Life is meant to be lived and as I mentioned earlier – Ceramic Coating should not be treated “delicately”. Enjoy your car and your coating – it is exactly why you bought it. Kings Valet will do their best to remove boo-boos without you having to worry about being nickel and dimed.


4 Quick Tips for How to Maintain Your Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

Tip 4: Kings Valet is Reachable!

Life Happens, call me before you make a small mistake a big problem. I won’t say we have seen it all since someone will take that as a challenge, but we have seen a lot. If you are wondering how to remove bird droppings, bug guts, salt, ect – I have done my best to be easily reachable. Stephen and I are here for the long-term relationship NOT to take your money and run. We love to help. Here is how to get in touch:

Text us: 574.777.0033. The text line is monitored 7 am – 7 pm, 7 days a week.
Want to get on a phone call? 574.347.4445 Monday to Friday 7 am – 2:30 pm.
You can also email me anytime at george.hunt@kingsvaletind.com.