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The 3-Point Peace of Mind Promise: Brought to You by Kings Valet

Kings Valet recognizes that Ceramic Coating is a sizable purchase. Any larger purchase triggers "fight or flight" and detracts from their goal of Peace of Mind. The 3-Point Peace of Mind Promise was put in place to ensure you have serenity from the day you request a quote to the day you sell your vehicle.


No Fine-Print Lifetime Warranty

Kings Valet promises the craftsmanship will be like day one. You will have a deep shine and chemical resistant layer atop all exterior surfaces that had Ceramic Coating installed. Your part is following three simple rules. Absolutely no fine print.


Free Maintenance for Life

When you invested in a Ceramic Coating with Kings Valet - Stephen and George promised you a vehicle that looked BETTER than show room new for years to come. How can that be if the car isn't kept clean, right? Welcome to Free Maintenance for Life!


200% Money Back Guarantee

Every company offers some form of Money Back Offer... Not many (if any) offer to double your money for a lackluster experience. Kings Valet offers to double your initial investment with them because your "wasted time" is worth money, right?

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