First, thank you for trusting your vehicle to Kings Valet for your Ceramic Coating services. Stephen and I are beyond grateful and no amount of words will truly express our level of gratitude so… we started this program as one small way to pay you back!

This Lifetime of Free Maintenance Program is meant to get your vehicle to 100% 4 times a year. The biggest added value that is built into the program is a FREE Annual Inspection. Most shops charge $200+ for this inspection. Nothing like paying $1,500 for a coating and then being billed $250 a year, right? No more! Kings Valet is changing the industry standards.

How Long Does it Take?
30 Minutes. Most folks bring a cup of coffee and hang out. Forgot to stop for coffee? We have you covered.

What is Included?
An 11 Step process that will return you to like New Ceramic Coating Conditions. The process looks like: pH Neutral Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Iron Remover, Rim Detail, Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Heated Dry, Glass Cleaned and Tire Shine.

What About the Addons?
These are all OPTIONAL and we cannot stress enough that there is absolutely no purchase required to participate in the program. All that is required is a Kings Valet installed coating.

Topper (Add 30 Minutes): Made to Restore those day one “Beads” to your Ceramic Coating. (This is included in your second quarter appointment)

Polish + Topper (Add 2 Hours): A Polish will take the “daily” out of your driver. It is designed to remove minor scuffs and micro marring from your coating. By removing these minor defects; shine is restored. After the polish is complete a topper is applied.

Rustproofing (Add 1 Hour): A rustproofing will be applied by another company Stephen and I own called Undercoating Near Me. UNM will apply Corrosion FREE to the entire undercarriage, wheel wells, inside door panels, hoods, tailgate and more! This undercoating + rustproofing is rated for 18+ months!

Interior Detail (Add 2 Hours): A 26 Point interior detail will be performed. It includes vacuum, leather cleaned and conditioned, plastics cleaned and dressed, glass cleaned, light steam, shampooing and more. Additional charges may be applied for pet hair, odor removal or staining.

What About the Annual Inspection?
This inspection will occur during your regularly scheduled second quarter free maintenance detail. This is the only maintenance appointment required for your warranty to stay in place. It is still a FREE appointment and will include a FREE ceramic topper applied. You may schedule this anytime between April 1 and June 30th.

How can you offer this much value.. for free?
The simple answer – Efficiency is King. Kings Valet has completely dialed in both the installation and maintenance of Ceramic Coating. Stephen and I are convinced that this should be the industry standard NOT the outlier. We installed nearly 200 ceramic coatings last year and we hope to improve to 250+ this year. Our goal is installation AND maintenance of Ceramic Coating. We found we were falling short on the maintenance portion so we decided to add this free program to fix that problem. We want you to have Peace of Mind – For a Lifetime! Stephen and I look forward to serving you soon! Have a blessed day.

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