It was very frustrating to tell you; our Ceramic Coating clients that we couldn’t help you fully protect your new car or truck. Ceramic Coating is phenomenal at preventing the rust from moving outside to inside. The problem? It doesn’t stop rust from moving inside to outside. That’s how vehicles rust in Northern Indiana. My own oil pan rusted in a single winter once moving out here; she was a southern car prior. Nothing worse than hearing you need a $4,000 repair on a 4 year old vehicle’s frame or rocker panel, right?

Enter Our Solution
Stephen and I love opening and growing small businesses. We also love adding value at every fork in the road. One concept that will always be true with our companies is that they will have a singular focus. Kings Valet only offers a Lifetime Ceramic Coating and we love it that way. This new company would need to only offer rustproofing and undercoating. Stephen and I needed a great and catchy name for this new Undercoating / Rustproofing company. Something that conveyed its singular offering. Then I got hungry; it happens a lot when I think too hard. While fighting this terrible dilemma of finding food; I searched for “Food Near Me”… and it instantly hit me…

“Undercoating Near Me LLC” – It was perfect. The name is transparent and markets the singular service this company would offer. “_____ Near Me” is the most popular search term on Google and we all know Google runs the world. The best part? The tag line “We are exactly what you were searching for.” Alright, enough tooting my own marketing horn here…

Undercoating Near Me was founded with a basic goal in mind – Affordable, transparent peace of mind.

Did Michiana really need another option?
Moisture trapping rubber or corrosive additives in oil, which sounds better? If you answered neither, then yes, a new Rust Solution was needed in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan.

The long time staple in Michiana has been to spray that hideous black rubber on the bottom of the vehicle. The biggest issue that arises is that moisture becomes trapped between the rubber and metal parts – ya know, the EXACT thing you are trying to prevent. This most commonly occurs at the change of the seasons. Temperature fluctuates from cold to hot causing trapped condensation. Another major disadvantage is that this rubber coating hardens. What happens the next time you take your car to a mechanic? They have to literally saw through the coating to do any work on the underside of your vehicle. With no creeping or seeping ability this spot is just left exposed; unless reapplied.

“Okay creeping and seeping is key, so I should just go with an oil based undercoating than right?” Not necessarily – a big drawback of most oil based coatings (like Rust Check) are that they contain additives that corrode rubber. So spray in your door- rubber seals dry rot. Spray under a vehicle – same result. These types of oil based coatings also drip EVERYWHERE for about 2 weeks. What an absolute mess! What product is applied by Undercoating Near Me? The Rust Protection Undercoating Near Me installs is from Corrosion Free – the number 1 Rustproofing company in all of Canada. It is an eco-friendly drip free rust solution.

2 Great Packages to STOP Mother Nature!
When Stephen and I founded this second company – simplicity was at its core. Just like with Ceramic Coatings by Kings Valet; Undercoating Near Me has very simplistic menu. This allows maximum efficiency, and this efficiency allows lower prices.

The base package (“Undercoating”) includes the entire undercarriage + the wheel wells. This includes spraying all plastics, cables and suspension. The upgraded package (“Complete Rustproofing”) includes inside door panels, tailgate, hood, pillars and more! Both options are rated for 18+ months of WARRANTIED protection! These packages start at only $175 (Exact prices are transparently listed here: Undercoating Near Me LLC).

The Best Ceramic Coating Service in Michiana?
Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet is for many reasons. The focus of why today is their access to a company that can assist in providing COMPLETE protection for your vehicle, not just the trim up. Your rustproofing service from Undercoating Near Me will occur during your regular Ceramic Coating Installation. The best deal – Undercoating Near Me operates at the same address! This means not having to worry about us driving your car or truck to another facility.
Skip the rubber, ditch the drip and get an eco-friendly and affordable rustproofing solution. Want to book just a rustproofing? Check our sister company out here: Undercoating Near Me. You can see prices and book an appointment instantly on the website. No “Requesting quotes” just to fish for your information. 4 questions, $45 and pick a date. That’s it!
 Want to book the Best Ceramic Coating Program in Southern Michigan/ Northern Indiana? Click the button below for a high gloss and easy to clean protection from mother nature!