I teased something new coming to Kings Valet a couple weeks ago; the day has finally arrived and the time to reveal is here! Honestly, I was supposed to wait until the 14th, but I just couldn’t wait any longer so.. I elected to make a “super” announcement at halftime of a “super” football game. (Not getting me for any money NFL 😉)

So What is the ‘Super” News?

While we have been certified with 4 different brands to date; we have never found the perfect balance of customer service and amazing products. I am not here to bash any specific prior brand we have been with, but just to announce…

Kings Valet now has their own brand of Ceramic Coating!
Having our own brand has secretly been a dream of ours since January 2022. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap or quick process. We decided to put the ball in motion at the start of summer of 2022 and tested a few sample formulas from various suppliers. After countless tests we found the Ceramic Coating formula that fit us best. Now it is just a couple days from being in our hands, with our Kings Valet labels!

If you were wondering, this new Professional Grade Ceramic Coating by Kings Valet was the reason we announced a slew of new programs on January 1st. Having a coating we can trust to put our name on for life allows us to offer Lifetime of Maintenance, Lifetime Promise and a 200% Money Back Guarantee all with NO price increases! That is $600+ of value included ANNUALLY in your Lifetime Ceramic Coating.

Kings Valet has always been known for great customer service – this new Ceramic Coating is a product we trust to put our name on for a LIFETIME! No gimmicky “Certifications” or setting hoods on fire to sell it.

“What Can I Expect From the New Kings Valet Brand of Ceramic Coating”
We will still have single day turnaround time as this Ceramic Coating is a single layer coating (similar to 90% on the market). It still carries a 9H rating. You can still expect extremely high gloss, easy clean and chemical resistant layer atop all treated surfaces. So really… not much is changing. The reality is putting it side by side with ANY other Professional Ceramic Coating, you would NEVER know the difference. All coatings look the same, even to the trained eye. If any Ceramic Coating Installer says they can tell 6 different coatings apart with 6 cars lined up… run away – they are full of themselves. We could have made this switch and never said a word – but that is not the level of honesty we prefer to provide our clients. And really… we are beyond excited to be doing it.

So Why Make the Switch?
The big reason for the switch is we are sick of the gimmicks and lack of customer service brought forth by the big manufacturers.

An example? “Certifications” from the Ceramic Coating Manufacturers are just fluff. “Certification” requires a heart beat and cash, heart beat optional. Okay, you caught me – that is slightly exaggerated (but only slightly). The reality is major manufacturers will certify ANYONE who has a business license, insurance and enough money to buy their products. “Certification” usually consists of buying their start-up kit, installing their coating on a vehicle and sending a couple tight angle mirror pictures back to them. That’s it! Now the new installer is listed on a website for the manufacturer. There are plenty of unskilled installers that are “Certified”. The manufacturers also say their Ceramic Coatings are a sacrificial layer of protection or scratch resistant… errrr wrong. Get PPF if that is what you are after. They also set hoods on fire and threw shopping carts at their coatings. Ceramic Coatings are not designed to stop any of these things.

The customer service issues can be summarized in this example. In the two instances a coating has “failed” early for us (over 400 installs), both companies claimed “Installer Error” and refused to help our client / us. (It was once with each company.) This is an instant red flag for us to move on, hence why it was only claimed once with each company. If we are going to warranty in house any way, why not have it be our brand and cut out the middle man. The Ceramic Products from these manufacturers are not bad products, but the warranty system is flawed and you (the customer) suffer. The manufacturers hide being fine print and impossible standards. This is NOT the Kings Valet way. Our warranty is NO Fine-Print.

“Okay this is awesome news, but… What if I had a different Ceramic Coating Installed by Kings Valet?”

We will still warranty and maintain EVERY installation we have ever done. All warranties will still fall under our Lifetime Promise. We made a seamless switch 15 months ago to our current brand and this will be no different. Also, all of you still qualify for the Lifetime of Free Maintenance! Yep, Free Quarterly Details and Free Annual Inspections – FOR LIFE. This is worth $600+ annually! Most of you have already started to take advantage of these programs – keep doing it!

What if I want this new Coating Installed to replace what is on my vehicle?
While I would work out a special price for you to swap brands – it really isn’t worth it. Wait, did I just tell you to not spend money with us? I have chanted this 100x over… all professional brands are within a fraction of each other. Our new in-house brand is nominally different from any prior coating brand we have installed (Ceramic Pro and System-X being the most notable). What is the only big difference? NO GIMMICKS. This is exactly why I am not trying to sell you on making a switch. Not to worry though- your next coating with us will be the Kings Valet brand of Ceramic Coating.

Can I Buy Kings Valet Brand Ceramic Coating and Install it Myself?
Not yet and probably Never, but we try not to completely close doors. This is a professional grade ceramic coating and is tricky to work with because of the rapid flash. We will see what the future holds though. Designing a consumer grade version is a possibility.

In conclusion:
We cannot be happier with all the changes we have made this year. Nearly every addition in value was off of a suggestion one of you had. If you have more we would love to hear them! As we said – we made a seamless shift last year and this will be no different. We are excited to serve you for years to come. Our goal has always been Peace of Mind – for a Lifetime!

Have a question or suggestion? George.Hunt@kingsvaletind.com

Enjoy the rest of the big game!