This is designed to be a basic overview of how to clean and maintain your new Ceramic Coating from Kings Valet. A couple general maintenance do(s) and don’t(s):
  • Hand wash method is preferred
  • Wash in shade
  • pH Neutral Soap or “SiO2” (Ceramic) Soaps are best choice
  • Its okay to use touch free automatic washes (basic package)
  • Automatic brush washes
  • Washing in sun
  • Brushes / dirty towels / towels with low GSM (cheap bath towels for example)
  • Avoid soaps that have “wax” or “sealants”
  • There is also no need for wax or sealant in general
  • NEVER “Clay Bar” or attempt to “polish” a coating. (Call Kings Valet and we will give you guidance if you have reached this point with your coating)
Hand Wash Supplies:
As a professional shop we have used many suppliers. We have found impeccable service provided by Autoality. The majority of these links are to their website. None of these are “sponsored”, “affiliate links” or any other type of promotional link – IE we make NO money suggesting them. (They typically run sales around every major holiday, you’re welcome). Autofiber Dreadnaught XL Drying Towel (Here)
Microfiber Wash Mitt (Here) McKee’s 37 Ceramic Auto Wash (Here) Mr Everything Microfiber Towels (Here)
(2) Grit Guard (Here) – *Really any will do, this is just an example*
(2) 5 Gallon Buckets (Home depot / lowes)
Gallon of Distilled Water
Isopropyl Alcohol (Any dilution)
Spray Bottle
Hand Wash with the 2 Bucket Method – For this Ceramic Coating Wash walk-through Kings Valet is assuming normal dirt and debris, not fresh off a mudding trip. (Video Coming Soon!)
  1. Park the vehicle in shade
  2. Grab your two 5 gallon buckets, grit guards, soap and wash mitts. Fill one bucket with just water (rinse bucket), the other with soap, wash mitts and grit guard.
  3. A) If using Foam Cannon – Now is the time to suds up! (Follow your selected soap’s dilution instructions) B) If you are NOT using a foam cannon, rinse your vehicle top to bottom.
  4. Use a wash mitt to apply soap and scrub (top to bottom).
  5. Every couple panels rinse your wash mitt in the rinse bucket.
  6. Rinse vehicle – again, top to bottom
  7. Dry vehicle with your Dreadnaught towel.
  8. Kings Valet suggests using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and Iso-propyl Alcohol (IPA) with a microfiber towel for cleaning glass. LESS is more when cleaning glass.
  9. Miss a spot? The above IPA mix is GREAT for touch-ups.
If you are ever in a pinch and don’t have time for a wash; you can use virtually any “Quick Detailer” or “Ceramic Detailer”
While they all claim to be safe for coatings, the issue isn’t the chemical… the issue is dragging dust and dirt all over the surface with not enough lubrication. We suggest doing this on rare occasions and sparingly! A great example of a “rare occasion” is removing bird droppings or a couple bugs in-between washes.
  1. Simply spray the entire panel (the more the better)
  2. Fold your Microfiber into quarters
  3. Wipe the entire panel with one side of the towel, then flip the towel and wipe again.
As mentioned we will post a video shortly. If this seems overwhelming – reach out, George loves to help you achieve the results you desire. Also don’t forget if you had a Ceramic Coating Installed by Kings Valet – you get a FREE detail every quarter. This means one detail between January and March, one between April and June, one between July and September and one between October and December! Book your FREE Maintenance Here.
As always – We Hope you have a blessed day!
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